Boyfriend Cheating in Dreams

Dreaming of a boyfriend cheating means you are finding signs to lose trust in him. Are you communicating less and less? Do you find him doing activities that are outside the normal routine? Some times, it is you changing, and the other party has to change and go their separate ways. In the waking hours, confront him and see if things can be fixed. Otherwise, make the hard decision and move on.

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142 thoughts on “Boyfriend Cheating in Dreams”

  1. I have had two dreams in the past three days about my boyfriend cheating or suggesting a love for someone else.

    In my first dream my boyfriend told another girl (my best friend) he loved her (super dramatically saying how he loved her more than he had ever loved anyone, how strong there love was etc.) and he didn’t care that i was sat their or that i ran away.

    In the second dream I found out that he had cheated on me with another one of my friends. I got told that they had slept together and confronted them both and again neither of them seemed to care that much. My boyfriend excepted me to stay with him but i was super upset and just wanted away from him. My friend seemed to have no regrets, did not apologies or anything.

    My friend from the first dream has kissed my boyfriend before but this was before we were together and my friend from the second dream has got with a guy i liked before which upset me. The dreams seem so real, can’t help wondering why i am having them.

  2. Last night, I had a dream my mother and my boyfriend got married, had sexual intercourse and then I stabbed her in the head. I didn’t remember me actually killing him in the dream, but my mom was still alive, and I whipped her really hard with some kind of cord or rope and finished killing her, then called the police and reported two homicides. What does this dream mean?

  3. I had a dream that my boyfriend started having sex with a bunch of different girls and no matter how many times I told him it hurt me he didn’t care. Then he lied to me and said he stopped having sex with girls but I found out that this blond haired girl was skyping him and she wore skanky clothing and I took his phone and told her off I was so angry. I keep having dreams where my boyfriend hurts me and does not care about my feelings.

  4. I have a kid with my boyfriend, last night I had a dream that out of nowhere he brings a girl to our house by the name of Charlotte. I don’t know any Charlotte’s in real life. He say’s he wants to be with her and not me, but that she will be staying in our house. Me and her get into a fight and I end up hurting her, so she leaves. But she seems to come right back.

    Another dream I had was me, my boyfriend and all of his close guy buddies were sitting in a living room along with some blonde girl whose name I don’t know. I am laying on the couch with my daughter and all of a sudden my boyfriend goes up to the girl and proposes to her. All of his guy friends look straight to me, like as in a wtf? kinda way. She says yes as if it wasn’t a surprise. I get up and start walking downstairs and I hear one of the guys say to my boyfriend, You just f***ed up.

    It’s been a week of me having dreams like this… Either he proposes to someone else, brings a different girl home, or just leaves me.

  5. I had a dream I walked to my boyfriend on the phone and he wouldn’t tell me who it was and when I took it . It was his EX girlfriend and than I broke up with him than later he kept bugging me to stay but than he called her again but the second time he cried because she lost hope in them and I was pissed because why do you care and than I walked away ! What does my dream mean ???

  6. I had a dream that my boyfriend was cheating on me with my ant I’ve been thinking that for a while now I’ve noticed him n her doing really odd things? So i confronted them n they both say nothing ever happened but i honestly think other wise i keep having dreams that they fucked and In my dreams I’ve seen messages they even said they did!? My ant said she’s not a fried to emit that she fucked my boyfriend and he said he just did it because he was mad and she was there at the moment my mom and dad new after me telling them and the weird thing is my dads brother was in my dream as well he was just listening to everything that was going on and said nothing i woke up in tears and my boyfriend asked what was wrong and said to stop crying i told him what i had drempt and he said he hugged me and said i would never do that i keep asking him over and over if he did he keep saying NO got a lil up set and i said i dont believe you…..what dose my dream trying to tell me??

  7. I had this dream me and my boyfriend had sex and soon after he’s fucking this other girl . I push the girl I hit my boyfriend repeatively and I tell him were through and I just keep to my self the try of the dream and he tries nothing to converse with me .

    Keep in mind that previous day me and my boyfriend been having arguments , hes now a coach of a hughschool football team and that seems to get most of his attention and when he gets me mad ill just hang up the phone to control my self . I got home sent him an “I love you message ” took a shower and told him I was going to sleep and so I did. That’s when I had the dream .

  8. I had this dream that me and my boyfriend were at a party and I left and I came back and his dick smelled like pussy and one of his friends had told me ” yeah he fucked some girl ” and when I woke up I broke up in tears and my boyfriend isn’t the type to communicate at all so what does that mean? Please help me I’m in tears right now. I have a daughter and I’m pregnant again with his second child. Please help me

  9. It seems like all these dreams have another thing in common besides a cheater; also the fact that after you confront your boyfriend it seems like he couldn’t care less. Maybe were scared of that power and control loss and the sadness spiral we’d face after. Watching someone you love fall for someone else is a horrible feeling, and i see it every night. Each nightmare i wake up 100% convinced it actually happened