Boyfriend Cheating in Dreams

Dreaming of a boyfriend cheating means you are finding signs to lose trust in him. Are you communicating less and less? Do you find him doing activities that are outside the normal routine? Some times, it is you changing, and the other party has to change and go their separate ways. In the waking hours, confront him and see if things can be fixed. Otherwise, make the hard decision and move on.

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136 thoughts on “Boyfriend Cheating in Dreams”

  1. I had this dream me and my boyfriend had sex and soon after he’s fucking this other girl . I push the girl I hit my boyfriend repeatively and I tell him were through and I just keep to my self the try of the dream and he tries nothing to converse with me .

    Keep in mind that previous day me and my boyfriend been having arguments , hes now a coach of a hughschool football team and that seems to get most of his attention and when he gets me mad ill just hang up the phone to control my self . I got home sent him an “I love you message ” took a shower and told him I was going to sleep and so I did. That’s when I had the dream .

  2. I had this dream that me and my boyfriend were at a party and I left and I came back and his dick smelled like pussy and one of his friends had told me ” yeah he fucked some girl ” and when I woke up I broke up in tears and my boyfriend isn’t the type to communicate at all so what does that mean? Please help me I’m in tears right now. I have a daughter and I’m pregnant again with his second child. Please help me

  3. It seems like all these dreams have another thing in common besides a cheater; also the fact that after you confront your boyfriend it seems like he couldn’t care less. Maybe were scared of that power and control loss and the sadness spiral we’d face after. Watching someone you love fall for someone else is a horrible feeling, and i see it every night. Each nightmare i wake up 100% convinced it actually happened