Former Lover in Dreams

People come and go in your life. Some may stay stationary, while others may fade away and become a distant memory. No matter what, it can not be denied that they didn’t have some sort of influence in our lives. We may think back to them or they may even appear in our dreams. To dream about a former lover, you may feel a lack of closure for the love story between the both of you. There may be some unresolved issues pertaining to your past relationship that you wish to find the answers to. Without answers, you feel restless and not at ease.

Dreaming about a former love may indicate that you are currently in a situation or relationship just like the past. You yearn to change certain aspects of your current relationship and not have it lead to the same outcome as the previous. On the other hand, it may symbolize you feel malcontent and disheartened by your current existing relationship.

To see a former lover in your dream may also represent you missing certain aspects of that person or the relationship with them as a whole. You may feel unrequited feelings towards your former lover whom may have moved on. Although he or she has moved on, you still yearn for them and wish to start over or give the relationship a second chance.

Therefore, it’s best to first sort out your feelings and see what you really want before making a move.

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  2. Today in the morning I dreamt of the mother and her twin sister (the twin sister doesn’t doesn’t exist in reality ) of my ex boyfriend talking with each other about my ex boyfriend in front of me. His mother was always ok with me but in the dream while her sister was talking to her, she was looking at me as if she was belittling me with her eye expression. (Me and my exboyfriend separated it got 5 months. Because he thought that i cheated on him with a fiancee who doesn’t exist infact. he was my first love. was serious about him. love him with a real heart. but he blamed me for cheating. And dishonored m the worst way possible on skype that i was unaware of being a in a group chat. break my in infinite pieces. later i came to know he did this with other girls and was just playing around. At time i also think that it can’t be true. But am ashamed and don’t believe that i still love him and to say that i can’t tell to people that i still love him but i can’t believe what he did and what he has done to me).

  3. Last night I dreamt of an ex from high school, one of the only significant exes I haven’t kept in touch with (he dropped out of touch). We haven’t had contact in over 20 years. I dreamt that he was a successful restauranteur now and that I got to know about his life in the present day, yet I was also unsure how to present our reconnection to my current love. I should mention that I’ve long wished to have maintained a friendship with this ex, but I suspect he wouldn’t be open to it, as he has not responded to previous attempts to contact him.

  4. Hi I am married for 4 years now and I have a daughter who is 3 years old. I was in deep love with a girl 10 years back when I was in college. We were happy for 2 years and suddenly the girl started avoiding me for no reason and I went through some serious depression . I cut my wrist and was in Hospital and went through a lost of mental tension because of which I flunked in my exams and was deeply hurt and once she called me after college days and said that her parents are looking for a marriage alliance and asked me not to follow her anymore. The girl said we could be friends. I was heart broken and agreed for her friendship but then because I got a Job in a different location I met her only twice after this incident and the girl spoke well to me as she speaks to a friend. 1 year later I got an information that the girl got married a to her college mate. I was further depressed and somehow came out of the issue with a lot of difficulty.In the dream the girl was asking me to take my hand of my wife’s shoulders and also the same dream followed where I was caught by a Saturn and I was helped by a good person the girl tells me not to worry and I will be saved. After all these years she came in my dream 1 month ago and from that day onwards I am again feeling that I should meet her. I sent her message in face book for which I didn’t get a reply. I am again depressed and feeling sad for what happened in my life 10 years ago. Can you please give me a solution and the reason why I saw her in dream after so many years

  5. The reason I followed behind this white hair woman was because I asked her why and she didn’t answer and I wanted an answer as to why I should leave him alone.

  6. Hi I have two kids with a guy I love dearly but we are not together now because he didn’t want my last baby and I decided I am not doing an abortion. I dream of him constantly that he is bonding with my baby but I know that could be in my subconscious thought. Recently I dreamt of a old woman with white hair told me to leave him alone, then walked up some steps into another room. I followed behind and she disappear. There was one other young woman in the room who I asked if she saw the woman, and she said no. What does this mean?

  7. Hi I’m married but I sometimes not often, dream about my ex that he wants to meet me wants to talk to me and I’m just ignoring him and thinking about my husband and looking for him. Whenever I dream about him it’s always him making efforts to talk to me to be around me. Last night when I dreamt he was as usual following me and I wanted him to notice that I’m pregnant with my hubby and so happy in my life, but some where in the dream I kinda like the attention he giving. What does this mean. Reply asap

  8. So its a long story I suppose some kind of repercussion. My current boyfriend and I had been through so much that I don’t even know how to begin. Let’s start with my ex, when I was still with my ex bf for a year plus, I was seeing my current boyfriend who I’ve dated for a year in high school. He came back to me after so many years, we shared a lot about the past and the misunderstanding we have in between us. Without a second thought, I throw myself into this relationship with him and I didn’t really break up with my ex bf. So this went on for 10 months till the whole thing was uncovered. My current boyfriend loves me a lot, he forgive me and still wants me back. But then lately, he have been dreaming a lot of those unpleasant thing in relationship. For one example was, he dreamt that one of his ex gf suddenly appear out of nowhere and claiming she still loves him and still wants to be with him. Then in his dream, I was there and I saw everything with him and that girl. I ran away and he struggled to free himself from his ex gf to chase after me. But I told him that I am leaving him, so I took a cab and left. We are in good terms now and things are so far going good. But why is the constant relationship nightmares haunting him? what does it mean?

  9. I had a dream with my first baby father, we were in a long relationship but since we broke up we have both found other partners and are married. my dream was so weird he just wanted to have sex with me like where ever we were at.. he was so clingy, emotional and attentive in the dream. he would not speak when I asked him questions but just want sex… this dream freaks me out because I do not feel like that towards him, reason why we are not together.. please help

  10. Its been 3 years since we broke up and I’ve thought about her everyday since. I had a dream where were walking through a valley in the mountains. I asked her what do I have to do for us to be together again and she replied I want you to go around the world for me. The dream didn’t show me doing it but I left taking giant leaps and returned carrying huge chains and her no where to be found.

  11. Had a dream that my former husbands mistress and my one time friend (same woman) said sorry and tried to make things right with me. My mother in law was there and she said, “I’m glad you two are not trying to kill eachother.” The mistress told me that she and my mother in law get along gr8. She asked why I don’t get along with her and I said because of you. The mistress and I mended fences and for some strange reason I went looking thru her underwear and thought of taking some. After that my ex husband came to me and said hes sorry and he wants to fix things with us. Then my brother in law whom I dislike embraced me. The same night my daughter had a dream that me and my husband got back together and everything was gr8. But she got a package in the mail and we told her not to open it. She openned it and when she did a snake bit her and she nearly died. What do these dreams mean and is the fact that we had them the same night important at all??

  12. It has been 10 years ago my former love appear in my dream, its like i’m waiting him outside the building and he told me to wait.This former love we have no closure, we did not talk till I got marriage.

  13. I have had dreams of my ex every night, to everyother night, to once a week and not in that order for over 8 years. I’ve been married to my husband for five and have been with him for the whole 8 years that I have been dreaming of my ex. Most dreams include both of them but they all center around me and my ex trying to find a way to be together although we have very different lives now. I havent spoken to or seen this guy in 8 years as well. Why is he always there in my dreams and why does it feel so good to see him and be with him. This guy was a horrible boyfriend and my husband is unbelievably the most wonderful and loving man that I know.

  14. I’m in a current relationship but last night I had a dream of this person who I once talked to 5 years ago. We liked each other and had major feelings for each other. It didn’t really with work out so we ended up being friends. Since then, he has made a huge impact on my life as I did on his. We stopped talking for 4 years then we started talking again as friends last year. It seems like he hasn’t left my heart and vice versa. He came into my dream last night. I found out that he got a girlfriend. I was really surprised that he finally has a girlfriend. What does my dream mean??

  15. A former lover and boyfriend had a dream that I was wearing a white wedding dress, there was a groom, and he was on an iceberg with us. He said that I pushed him away and that he headbutted my chest and I fell into the water, but stayed in the water and didnt get out. Should I be concerned, Please help interpret this dream?

  16. a childhood crush who passed away 8 yrs ago have always been in my dreams each. and there’s a story in my dream. what does this mean?

  17. My husband and I have been together for almost five years. Our son is three. Last night, out of nowhere it seems, I had a dream that included the two of us and an ex-boyfriend from my last year of high school, but he was my first long term relationship. In the dream my husband and I are entering our apartment and I get this sense of my ex’s presence. I became aware that he lived in the place adjacent to ours. I look around the stairs until I do see him, and we greet each other with smiles and hellos. I look at my husband in a way that I am either reassuring him or that I’m looking for approval that I can be friendly with my ex. When I turn from my husband, my concern for him disappears and I am so happy to see this other person. We embrace and I kiss him even though I don’t know if I should. I felt so good, not like lust, but like joy. And he seemed happy too. Before parting I asked him if I could kiss him again, he seemed a bit worried about my behavior, so the second kiss was not as strong, and then he told me that maybe he shouldn’t be here if he was going to get in between me and my husband. I didn’t even think of that and was surprised by his response. The thing is I haven’t thought about this person in all the time since. When I ended the relationship I was frantic about just cutting it off. I didn’t want to be friends. He wasn’t horrible either, not perfect, sort of immature, but not mean. I just wanted to be let go. The other day I came across his picture on facebook and then I have this dream. It is so strange to me and it seems somehow meaningful.

  18. i recently broke up with my GF about a month ago and i’ve been having strange dreams and nightmares, and am having hard time at the moment. today what i dreamed about was that, i was talking with my ex’s mom and i asked her do you think she wants me, but she told me that my girlfriend loved me but she believes she wont accept me back,

    what does that mean am really worried, i want to get back to this girl but i dont think its going to happen

    and also (few days ago i had dream about my crush from 2 years ago)

  19. My first love and I still communicate, 27 years later. Althought I still have a soft spot for him, I realize that he would never have made me happy – due to him emotionally abusive ways. We both have moved on, but none of us seem to get rid of the emotional bond we share. I think of him daily. He claims to think of me daily. It is already tremendously difficult to put such a connection out of mind. To make thing worst, is that I have now dreamt about him twice in only 3 days. THIS is tremendously upsetting. In the first dream we were both seated on the back of a huge dragon, as I steered the dragon out of dirty water. In the second his little boy’s babay kangaroo was hopping all over the show, with my first love busy in the background – in the dream we both avoided giving attention to each other as we do not want to alarm our loved ones. In real life, we’ve only seen each other once in 27 years, and made love – and it was nothing special. I’m glad I didn’t marry him, but struggle to get rid of the emotional bond. For my dreams now also to contain hin really is not desired. Please advice?

  20. I have been dreaming of my ex boyfriend and his relatives for the past 3 years, they are the only dreams I have. In the most recent dream I am sitting in his parents house when he walks in the house with his current fiance, they apparently drove long distance to get there. Him and I have a flirtatious conversation about the past and getting back together, but then he proceeds to tell me that his fiance is pregnant and they are getting married next month. Two people, one of them his brother, walks into his parents house and I confirm with him that my ex is really having a baby and getting married next month, he says its “yes, isnt it crazy? But what can you do.” then the dream ends. What does it mean. Everytime I dream of him he is telling me something about something in his current life. We do not communicate so I dont know if its true.

  21. What does my dream mean? I had a dream that I waas sleeping and then had an arm around me and I felt safe and warm and…content and I turn over in my dream and I see my ex. I woke up crying to realise I was sleeping in the spot we used to cuddle in.

  22. My ex had a dream and informed me of it. My ex is currently in a relationship but she had a weird dream about going down to Miami, celebrating my birthday, having sex, getting married, and settling down in Miami. Do you think she may want to get back together?

  23. In this dream I was unable to speak the entire time. Towards the end I was unable to move and was stuck in a standing position. My ex appeared and tried speaking to me but his words were slurred and he sounded as if he were mumbling. I tried to call out to him but I could not even remember his name. No matter how much I opened my mouth nothing would come out. Finally I was able to say something but I called him by my childhood crush’s name and still could not remember his name.
    I freaked out because I woke up and could still not remember his name. What could this dream be telling me?

  24. Last night, i had a dream about my ex bf that dumped me. In the dream I saw that my family was outside with him. My family called me to go outside. When I went outside i was looking at a baby concentrating on him. .then i looked at the person holding thebaby and it was my ex..what could this mean?

  25. What does it mean when I keep dreamiing about my ex? It’s not every night though. It’s like once or twice a week. It’s either him rejecting me while I’m trying to get back with him or him saying he misses me and we get back together. Sometimes if I would find out he’s talking to a new girl, he would come into my dreams and I would ask him questions about the new girl.

  26. Hi, I’m new to all this but I’m 30 years old and never remember my dreams but in the past 6 months I have.

    I dated a girl 4 years ago and really liked her but nothing happened due to her just coming out of a relationship. Well, I’ve kept this ‘soft spot’ for her but have tried to move on. In the past 6 months she has been appearing in my dreams (some flirty, some sexual etc) but I have always remembered them clearly which is really strange.

    Can you please help as I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to move on or whether make a move etc…very confused.

    Please help

  27. I had a dream last night in which I was still with my current boyfriend, but I was also getting married in two days to my ex-boyfriend (who in reality is now married in a different state). I had extreme anxiety because I knew I had to either tell my current boyfriend or call off the wedding, but I didn’t know which to do. I don’t know if this means anything?

  28. Why do People always say MOVE ON. If you truly love someone and you two were really hitting it off you just can’t move on. This Man and I were meant to be. He told me in a dream that once things were taken care of (family, finances, and other stuff) he would be back to marry me. I love him very much, it was love at first sight. I decided to break it off after 7 months together because he would joke at me once in a while about, he was scare because things were moving too fast, but he kept leading me on. So now, I decide to break it off. I keep seeing him in dreams. I don’t want to move on…

  29. I’ve just had a drea about my ex boyfriend. The dream was him messaging me over facebook to let me know he was about to get married to his current girlfriend. The weird thing about the dream is that he doesnt have a facebook account, I don’t live in the same state anymore, and I’m about to get married in six months. What does this mean?

  30. after my ex girlfriend broke up w/ me, we both had the same dream that i was telling her mother that i was going to take care of her, my mother was there as well, as if i was taking her away. then we kissed. later after a year, we are still separated however, she texted me she had a dream about us having our place and i’m hugging her in bed. by the way she’s pregnant w/ her ex boyfriend. does that mean something?

  31. I was told a week and a half ago that my husband didn’t want to be with me anymore. He is four hours away and the “reason” is because a lady from 15 years ago told him he was a POSSIBLE father to her child that is 15. She told him that he couldn’t be with me and see the child… So no DNA or anything done he chose this kid over me…..

    So the dream i had was vague at best… it was him back here and he was trying to hug me and wanted me to take him back. I was trying to tell him that i couldn’t because of how bad he hurt me… but the emotion I felt was that i wanted him back but i knew i couldn’t take him back becuase he would hurt me again. I woke up broken hearted all over again.

    Someone please help… We were married for almost 10 years… I am trying to get over him, but it is hard to love and hate somone at the same time :'(

  32. I have been having recurring dreams about an ex fiance that I was engaged to 40 years ago!! Why??? I haven’t thought of him, nor seen him .The dreams have been happening in the last six months. I know where he lives, etc. But, I’m not in the same city or state as he is. Can someone help me to figure this one out.
    Thank you.

  33. I had a big crush for about 9 years. A friend broke the news to me that he had found the perfect girl-not me of course. A brave n up, face him and told him I really liked him, loved him admire him. Yet I was letting go, he deserves it. He is now happily married. She is so sweet! (Almost 10 yrs go by… Since I expressed my feelings) I just had a dream. He was with his wife, yet he held my hand, he gave me high fives, we had friends around us casually talking. Then just as they where about to leave, he gave me a hug held me tight and told me it broke his heart to let me go, it broke his heart every day. Then he said “thank you for loving that much” it felt so real! In the dream I also held him tight in my arms. I didn’t want to let go of his hug. But I let let go and weeny to wash my hands, I had chocolate all over my hands. I returned and there he was talking to another friends of mine. What does it mean? It’s been so long I did know I could even have such dream. Or even feel that same feeling towards him.

  34. I just woke up from a dream about m ex-girlfriend. It was strange because it wasn’t a past memory or from the past, it was from the future. In the dream, it was like she had amnesia or something, it wasn’t specified, but somehow she had forgotten how we had already dated and had been together for almost 2 years and had a baby girl, etc. Instead she acted like she did while we were dating, she was trying to sleep with me and showed kind, loving feelings toward me just like she did when we started dating, and in the dream her current boyfriend was telling me she has forgotten everything and the Dr.’s don’t know why. In the dream her and I hung out and did everything together and showed interest in each other, it was just like it was when we started dating, but in the future with her having amnesia and acting like this towards me, it the future twist that really gets me for some reason. In reality we barely even get along and constantly fight… This dream has me messed up now because we haven’t been together for over 2 years. I do miss this person she used to be, and wish the things that happened between us never did, then again I’m still to this day not 100% sure what really happened, or why she went from loving me so much to almost completely resenting me overnight. I dream about her now and then, but it’s the way she is now, I have never dreamed about her this way, and now I can’t sleep, I’m feeling lonely and feelings of missing this person she used to be, to me, all of a sudden. What is going on…..?

  35. I had a dream that I saw my ex in the hallway and he said hi, then I asked why he was talking to me. My ex then said why don’t you talk to mike I see you guys are pretty close now (mike is one of his best friends and someone I talk to everyday) my ex then disappeared into a ground and mike appeared and walked with me and asked what’s wrong asy ex watches us from the crowd what does this mean?

  36. My girlfriend was married by her parents to a rich family though we loved each other very much. After her marriage she talked to me sometimes but she was not happy she told me. We haven’t been in touch for a long time because she does nt has anything to communicate. I always see her in my dreams looking sad? What does does this means?

  37. A few weeks ago, I had a dream where my current boyfriend was present, but not around and was becoming distant and I could not find him even if I searched and asked around for him. As this happened in my dream, a past boyfriend kept showing up more and more. I was becoming devistated due to not being able to find my boyfriend in the dream and kept rejecting my past boyfriend as he followed me more and more. What could this mean?

  38. What does it mean when I repeatedly confuse my current boyfriend with my ex-boyfriend in my dream? For example, recently I had a dream about being in some sort of camp and we were having lunch and i see my old friend from college, and in the distance i see my current boyfriend. I then tell her that she should meet him, but when he comes in close proximity, his appearance turns into my ex-boyfriend but in my head still registers as my old boyfriend, and i introduce him to my my friend as my current bf. He’s appeared in a few of my dreams recently, and it is weird as his qualities as a person are very much different to my current bf, and i much prefer the current relationship. I also never think about my ex in a conscious state. Help explain?

  39. I recently have this dream i am on a beach where i jus bump into my ex but jus avoid talking to him but from a distance keep on staring him n den i see his wife n he goes n hugs her n says i lv u n i woke up.i dnt undrstnd y am i geting such dreams dt hurt me

  40. sorry for language mistakes, I am from a non-English country. 4 years ago, I met this man online. he was my first love and the deepest love I could imagine. He confessed his love for me but left me after 4 month and his excuse was some difficulties in his residency (he lived in a very far country) that he couldn’t get visa for me and take me to his country.
    ( Besides, I am a commitment-phobic and relation- phobic, have trust issues with men. Also,I love my family alot and can’t tolerate separating from them.)
    I don’t know how I could survive after he left me. I experienced severe depression and loneliness and missed him so much. I started a long distance relationship (LDR) via email and understood that he was suffering too without me. After 1 year of LDR, I decided to end the relationship and forget him because I felt so much pressure. But at the same time I continuously had dreams about him and me, like: I was sitting on the back of a huge eagle flying toward his country;
    His mother came to my house for marriage proposal and brought me so many gifts and chocolates and gave me a baby milk bottle asked me to feed the baby;
    In another dream, I was lying on a bed taking care of our baby and he was watching us happily;
    I had so many passionate sexual dreams about him. that I was being pulled toward him like 2 magnets and we were uniting and becoming one;
    Once I had a dream that he was kissing the back of my neck. I woke up with a heart piercing feeling in my heart I couldn’t tolerate that missing feeling in my heart for him;
    In another dream, I was in his wedding party, he was marrying someone else but I was happily dancing, whirling and rotating with joy and ecstasy;
    We were sitting in a bus in his living country. he was holding my hand, my head was on his shoulder and all of the girls in the bus (who were his classmates and coworkers) were watching us with jealousy;
    One night again I missed him alot, I dreamt that he is in my house sitting on a sofa, I was sitting on his knees and my family was sitting around us. he was hugging, kissing me, patting my hair then he put the palm of his right hand on the palm of my right hand and transferred energy of love and peace toward my hand. when I woke up in the morning, I still could feel the energy and warmness in my hand;
    I had dreams of going to his country, searching him everywhere; or met him in the lobby of a hotel, then he left me to go to his room, I asked the receptionist to write his room number in a piece of paper for me to serach his room;

    During these years after our separation, I am still single and in no relationship and don’t think that I can love any man as much as I loved him. I don’t know if he has married, has girlfriend or like me he is alone. Recently, I am feelling in my heart that I have been tired of thinking each and every minute of my life about him, talking to him in my heart, missing him, waiting for him. this love has really made me tired and drain of energy. then I had a dream that he is again kissing me passionately to make me love him again. and is holding me in his arms, doesn’t let me go and leave him but I am begging him to make me free and let me go, saying that I am really tired and want to fly like a bird, go somewhere to rest but he grabs me tightly and wants to keep me for himself. then he takes me to bed, cuddles with me in bed, hug me, babying me to satisfy me in order to stay with him.
    These are most of the dreams I saw during 3 years. Most of the time I am wondering why so much dreams about him/us. Is it because I couldn’t stop thinking about him during day? Or are these predictions? Or is that because we are really close in heart and our hearts are connected. and he has also been thinking about me during these years?
    I don’t know. please help me. I am really tired of these feelings and so many dreams. sorry again for bad english and long comment. thank you.

  41. Im living with my ex, its just like we’re in a relationship tho no other guys or girls in our life, he has a son with his first love they had him early around 16 years old & now im seven months pregnant by him, we was together along time and he left his ex baby mom for me, now i keep having dreams and shes always in them or about him and her back together and it really upsets me i really feel like he still has feelings for her and i just dont know what to do about it all.

  42. I’ve been having a dream about this one guy who was a really great friend of mine years ago. He ended up wanting to be my boyfriend and confessed to me but i had no further feelings for him. I’ve been happily married since but he keeps coming up in my dreams. This past dream was about me kissing him. What does this mean i haven’t seen him over 12 years ago.

  43. I was seeing this guy for a few months. We were never really official, but it sure seemed like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re not seeing each other any more and we barely talk to each other. But last night, I had a dream that him and I were married (nothing in the dream told me we were married, but I just knew) and we were arguing and I told him that he’s not ready for this, etc. Then I had quick flashbacks of us just hanging out and having a good time. Then today, in the “real world” he told me he had a dream about me too (but never told me what about). So I feel like this dream has meaning to it.

  44. i have a dream where im having a party and all my ex’s are there along with many girls i never dated but wanted too, my current girlfreind and my mother and my therapist but my therapist and i were the only males at the party. Towards the beggining of the party i hooked up with one of my ex’s and later in the party i walked in on my current girlfreind and the same ex in my bed togther. what the hell does all this mean???

  45. I had a dream last night where my best friend and I went to see my first love in his new town. While there I saw all of the significant males I have dated. I awoke questioning a lot of things, and I cannot seem to find meaning in it.

  46. Ok me and my ex broke up after 7 years he started cheating on me while I was working 2 jobs trying to support us well after the 3rd chance I couldn’t take the heartbreak anymore but he was the 1 to break up with me we were engaged to be married in a couple of months and he said he never loved me and didn’t wanna marry me.. Well later on I found a great man and ok happily married and my ex is still single he can’t find anybody but y do I have dreams of him and there good dreams well last night I dreamed me and him had a beautiful baby boy together. But while we were inna relationship we were trying to have a child but y do I have a dream like this I’m confused.. Bc me and my husband r so happy and so in love I don’t wanna let my dreams ruin our marriage.

  47. I had a dream last night about my fiance and his brother. I was dating the brother rather than my fiance, but in the dream me and the fiance still had strong feelings for each other, but yet we never spoke to eachother. It was more of me and the fiance being in close quarters than me being with the brother in the dream. In real life I don’t mind the brother but he is not someone I would date, he kind of annoys me.

  48. in my dream, my ex and i are laying int the bed, fully dressed, on top of the blankets. we are talking about our lives and what has happened since we have been a part. he begins discussing his current wife and the news that they are expecting another child (in reality they aren’t) I react to this impassively (in reality for some reason the fact that they have children together bothers me greatly), and he makes a face. the crazy thing about the face is that it is an expression that my current boyfriend does when something is disatisfying or irritating to him. i always wake up at this point. this is the 4th dream this month.