Marriage in Dreams

Marriage in dreams is the ultimate sign of commitment; two people, being bounded by an eternal passion and connection, for one another. This dream could mean that it’s time for you to take that extra leap forward, and become bounded with your significant other. It’s time to take that person you care about, and spend the rest of your life with them.

If not towards a significant other, the idea of commitment applies to many aspects of one’s life. For instance, it could be a certain commitment towards friends, family, or even work. Marriage can symbolize the need for you to take the initiative to do something you care about. Maybe an unfinished project? or a promise you made to someone that you need to fulfill?

Whatever the case is, make sure you don’t leave it undone. This is a sign for you to take care of something that means a lot to you, and make sure you get it completed.

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284 thoughts on “Marriage in Dreams”

  1. My dream was about my friend/lover and that he married my rival (we are in an open relationship) I was very upset since he told me that he wound never marry again and he didn’t tell me he was going to marry in the dream beforehand either

  2. My dream was that I agreed to marry someone I had never met, the wedding was arranged. On the wedding day I met the “groom” and realized he was younger than my oldest son. He seemed fine with marrying me, but I could not marry someone that young and someone I didn’t know. I canceled the wedding on the wedding day.

  3. My dream was an arraged marriage with someone I didn’t know, does this mean something different? Does it mean I’m forced to for fill a promise?

  4. I dreamed that my boyfriend surprised me with a wedding dress and we hired a priest and photographer and went to a park and got married. Our parents were pretty upset because they wanted us to have a huge wedding.( he’s 26 and I’m 24). I read somewhere that marriage in a dream means death. Is this true?

  5. I dreamed that a princess wanted to marry me and she and I had lots of intercourse, sorry if its not appropriate on this website, and she would change into different forms of fetishes that I secretly did not know I even have any….can anyone please explain this kind of dream?

  6. I dreamed that a princess wanted to marry me and she and I had lots of intercourse, sorry if its not appropriate on this website, and she would change into different forms of fetishes that I secretly did not know I even have….can anyone please explain this kind of dream?

  7. I dream my daughter getting marry but when I look at her she was dress in a black and grey dress, her hair was done weird. But when she was walking i look at my self and I have a white short wedding dress . I told her ” wait you need to be in white not me so tchange to the white dress ” but them my dream change to the groom who was looking and taking worms( I don’t remember very well, I just remember I was discussed!!) from his face. His face has holes , holes where worms or whatever has been in his face.

  8. My Wife has dreamed that I have married one of our enemy which she in reality.she is our big enemy and she has already married and she has two childminders
    . please interperate what is this dream meaning

  9. Had dream that I ran into my first husband, ‘Shu Gong” (or Gong shu) which means I would have been married one more time than in reality. Had not seen him in a while and was comforted that he was still alive and ok.
    Wondering about his name, as “gong” in chinese means “work” Not sure about Shu.

  10. I dreamt I got married to this guy I was seeing but stopped seeing him when I found out he was seriously pursuing another girl and was with me for the sex. I don’t feel attracted to him since, but was surprised to marry him in the dream. He ignored me and did not see him after the wedding and so did his brother when we got home. And it left me asking in the dream if I was really married. I woke up thinking waaaat!

  11. I had a dream in middle school where i was looking at a red dress that was Victorian looking. I was told it was a wedding dress. Then I saw myself on the moon watching ballet dancers. After they danced I felt myself wearing that dress. I saw this Prince in white come to where i was. I knew we were married even though I didn’t see it happen. He offered his arm which I took and we glided down the dance floor.
    Years later when I was around seventeen I had a dream which I forgot until my sister told me she heard me say “I cannot believe we r getting married billy……… Boyd.” no it wasn’t the actor. I was in a chapel that I have been in many times. The pastor was standing facing me farther away and this guy who kind of looked like that Prince was looking at me across the aisle. I was asking that question about billy because I was associating him with the billy from “where the red ferns grow”. I said boid because that is the only name I could think of with a b. I knew someone with that last name too.
    Those dreams probably helped give me hope after all of these years being single. I think I felt more of a connection with the guy number 2 than number 1. I remember thinking why guy number 1 did not look at me. Hopefully it was not because he had to marry me. Guy 2 at least was serious about being with me and I did not see any sign of regret. He seemed at peace and content. Wow. I am so glad my sister reminded me about that dream.

  12. ( female) – dream was I married my first cousin (usa) male- who didnt attend my wedding that is like a brother to me and apparently there was a celebration but we were running late to it staying in bed we were in no rush to get to the celebration ( exactly like my wedding with my husban) and my friend that helped coordinate with my wedding (4/8/2016) ceramony was present telling me to go to the celebration then it went from evening to night in a mili sec.while we were watching out the window but in mexico. Then it swap to I got proposed to by my female cousin(mexico) and we ended getting married but i was concerned about my marriage to my actual husband and the fact that I had just married my other 1st cousin. Needless to say it was a wierd and crazy dream. Female marriage we were down in a room almost basement type with plenty of sun coming through then I crawled my way out and up through a large enough window with no struggle to the open bright royal blue patio like they look in mexico and contaplating on how to tell her that Im already married to my husband ( do feel bad because i didnt invite them to my small wedding) -it was a mixture of environments with my female cousin never really got to see which one it was like my male cousin the female cousin was a vibe of 2-3 different cousins.

  13. i dreamt i slept with just about every woman at my wedding, before the wedding and my fiance found out and i didn’t get married.

  14. 1. I had a dream that I was having sex with my sister.
    2. Yesterday I had another dream that we were preparing to marry each other, and everyone was ok with it, although in the dream I was confused since I come from a deep Christian family and everyone was ok with the marriage… I didn’t see us going to the alter though because I woke up…. although we were brought up in the same house we’ve been having the normal sibling quarrels but we tend to assume all that and help each other out financially,
    All this dreams shock me so much because we don’t talk that much with my sister, the few times we can talk its either one of us enquiring something from the other or needs some assistance… I’ve never been sexually attracted to her, except when we were small children when we kissed… I have a girlfriend that I love so much and she has a boyfriend of more than 5yrs… my sister and I have an age difference of 6yrs….
    I need answers please because am not comfortable with this dreams at all. although they’re beyond my control.

  15. Hi, I’m curious in the dream interpretation of a guy I meet online and soon be meeting physically as we are from different country.

    He told me that he dreamt of us getting married in a church and he doesn’t even know which country it was held and felt weird about it. He did mentioned that he pretty happy in his dream.

    I did invite him over for visit, will be seeing him in a month time.

    Would be great if you could help with this unexplained forecast in human mind…thank you

  16. Hello. My name is Lindsay. I had a dream last night that I was going to marry Jensen Ackles, but I never think of him and he just appeared. I know it was him because of his appearance. It was strange, but it felt good, but I am married in real life too so that part makes this dream awkward. Jensen also is married too so that is strange as well.

  17. I dreamt I was about to sign a marriage contract with the dead parents of the man I date. The contract read I was 60 years old and he was 19 years old. The parents were giving him permission to marry me. My boyfriend is 45 and Im 60 years old. I was very uncomfortable reading the contract. And ask myself “Why would I want to sign this contact when the guy is too young. Confused