Islam in Dreams

Dreaming of Islam means you are deep in spirituality. You hold dear in your heart the words of great prophets. Your goal is to treat all your brethren as equals where all fruits of labor are shared for the common good.

Continue with the daily prayers to further ascend in your studies and devotion.

*** Contrary to what others may think. Discussing bad dreams is the same as discussing good dreams, because both processes help free our minds from weighted thoughts allowing everyone to get on with their lives. Don’t allow anyone or anything to lock up your mind and soul due to ignorance.

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1,490 thoughts on “Islam in Dreams”

  1. Salam im Rosina im 47 and in a wheelchair and have many illnesses I dreamt someone died and England and USA were at the mosque my uncle was there and husband and my husband and uncle left me there I miss a hospital appointment and then my husband brought me home
    I don’t know what this means can anyone tell me please me and my husband converted to Islam in 2013 thank u for reading this jk

  2. im a 26 years old lady , i saw a strange dream 4 pm , i saw that i have bought really beautiful sandal with heels and i was standing on the border of river and suddenly one of my heels falls into centre of river water and gets drowned and i couldnt get that back, but in my dream i said friend why im losing my shoes everytime i come to this river which i mean by that i have already lost two times my shoes in that river before and that i regret for losing this one too ,while in real life i only lost my sleepers once near beach ,then in my dream.i saw my friends sandals which were very beautiful and made of leather and i wore one of her sandal for sometime, can you please know the dreams meaning

  3. I have a dream that my elderly mom head was bleeding and her blood was running through her face. I was crying and asking her what happened what happened and she was just staring at me

  4. I had a dream in ramadan that I was scared of death who was standing outside. The room I was in had glass for walls. Outaide was very dark with flashes of lightening but no thunder.

    I had a dream that I was in mecca for umrah (which I never performed) and I was so happy. I was standing a bit far from the kaabah, while facing the kaabah I took off my blouse. I was not wearing hijab (I do wear hijab and abayah).

  5. I had a dream that i was outside in my neighborhood and a building went up an inch and just collapsed and my building did not yet but was locked from me so i couldnt go in for some reason and i kept running about trying to find somewhere to make wudhu and pray and somehow the mosque was still open and i went and started praying asking for forgiveness

  6. I had a dream where i got punched in the heart in school and i fell to the floor and i dont know why but i felt so relaxed and calm and i dont know why but i kept constantly saying la ila ha il allah and then i looked to my left and i saw a bright angel it was beautiful and then my headteacher came to me looking shocked i told her that i knew i was about to die so i said “bye” and then i said la ila ha il allah once more and then (i didnt see the angel of death) i felt my soul leave my body and my vision went with my soul i couldnt see my soul my vision was ascending i felt like i was going to meet allah i felt myself smiling and i laughed in pure joy

  7. In my dream I was to be a married to my ex boyfriend but refused few minutes before the wedding because I was wearing an old clothes and wanted a new white clothes since I was a bride. And the next day I had another dream that my ex fiance came to ask my hand in married wearing white clothes.

  8. Hi

    I am not sure if I can make sense of this dream. I had it many years ago but it has stayed in my thoughts.

    I deam that I am sitting in front of a mosque Unsure where I am. However when I look over my right shoulder. I see 2 people. Dressed well with gold and diamonds. It seems that they are a king/queen and they walk into the mosque. Looking over my left shoulder I see a small door in the mosque. I walk in and I see an african Imam. I question him. I say that a young virgin has been violated and now is pregnant with child. Should she abort her unborn child or carry through with the pregnancy. The imam opens the Quran, which is huge in size and is made of pure gold. His response is that it is not the fault of the child she carries and she should carry the child full term and mother it. I say to him that this is unfair, his response is that this is the will of Allah.

    In the same dream I see my self standing on a hill. At my feet I see hundreds/thousands of people crawling towards me asking for shelter/water/help. When I look across I say to myself, this must be hell, why are these people coming towards me. how can I ever help them as I have nothing to give them, at this point my sleep broke.

    Please could you expain the meaning of this dream. It seemed so real at the time and I could see the despair in the pople who needed help and felt helpless at the time.

  9. i awoke just as dawn broke and hear a voice saying i am sheikh bukari i am new learning to islam and would like to know who this person is i was wide awake when i heard the voice

  10. Salaam I dreamed about my friend that wears hijab, but she was not wearing hijab in the dream. She had long black and Nice hair.
    In my dream me and my class were going for a trip in the winter, and I Saw other students than my friend.

  11. I had a dream that my mother in law didn’t black magic and gave it to my maid to put in the house! As my maid was hiding it to put in a corner I happened to turn around and catch my maid! I pulled it out of her hands and suddenly I grab a item from her and prophet Mohammed’s name and a picture if the kabbah is on this! What does this mean.

  12. Salam,

    I had a dream that two of my fiancées friends had come over my house during the evening and my fiancé was forcing me to give them a back rub. Then during my dream my fiancées friend came back really angry asking my little brother if he was talking about him, or if he knows somebody that did. Also what does it mean when i see a man that i know who keeps on grasping me and holding me inappropriately while driving in the car together on the way to a wedding

  13. I had a very unclear about me laying down and being pinned to my bed, I could not move. I then recited surah al Fatiha, surah all Khalas, surah all falaq, and surah al nas… It was all I could think about… And I finally moved after reciting both 2 times… I then got up from my bed and was in my grandmothers house in St. Louis Missouri… The house I am really familiar with, but I live in New York now. Anyways..I was down stairs, and I quickly ran upstairs to go get my grandmother where I found her in her room sleeping and on her bed was a young black woman who I could not recognize… But as soon as I saw her… And said something my grandmother woke up… I can’t remember the conversation because I was to focused on the golden tooth she had in her mouth… Not sure where it was exactly located but maybe the k9… If my Islam brothers and sisters help explain this dream to me it will be extremley appreciated thanks.

  14. I had a dream few days back that I was laying on the bed and my husband and so many people were around the bed who I don’t know we’re standing thier and smiling and my husband had a baby in his arms that one dream ?

    I had another dream when someone bit me on my right shoulder I don’t know who it is ?

  15. I saw 2 dreamz..
    1st dream as follow:
    I and my mom left my skool function which was still going on and start walking. We both r walking when i heard some1 calling me 4rm back. I looked back 2 see and i see thats its my previous skool fellow ( he is not from the skool whose function i attended and the skool i am in) . He greets me and my mom and then starts walking wd us . When i saw him he was on a cycle but then stared walking wd us.
    We 3 r going when i saw my previous skool eng. teacher , she is standing n starts 2 walk wd us wdout saying anything. Then we 4 move on ( me , mama, teacher n fellow)

    2nd dream:
    I am walking alone when the same guy stops me and asks me to teach something to his frnd , i say i dont know this but 1 of my frnd can help ur frnd so i contact my frnd, who then helps his frnd.

    I want to know what these mean? I am walking n the same guy stops me.. For ur info i am pleased to tell u that this person wanted 2 marry me ( i was told that he liked me) . But i kept on ignoring cuz of my religion and its circle of modesty. I heard that he liked me cuz i always wore a hijab and the long thing ( burka i guess) cuz noother lady wore it in my skool. but i never responded to it, i not only left the skool but also his country. I saw myself wearing hijab in the dreams too.

    I will be really grateful if u help me…

  16. I had a dream that
    “I saw as if something was going wrong (i don’t remember the incident) and it seems that I am searching for Quran, i have seen different people with me like my father, mother and I am searching different shops and markets but could not find it.”

  17. aslmwlkm. i was in old home (haveli). shitan was keeping me torcher. suddenly someone came in to the old haveli by wearing white lalchi and green pagdi on his head. and taken me out side of the room. may i know who brought out of room. replay please thank u.

  18. aslmwlkm. my dream is. amarrage was going beside a river, there was two fishes with me one fish was alive and the other fish head got cut by me. and making fry of it.

    why do i cut one fish head, and other fish was kept in hole which was alive.

    can u please tell me a meaning of. replay soon

  19. Asalamo alakum,
    I had a dream that my family and I were packing to go somewhere. I asked my dad where are we going and he replied that we are going to heave.Ive also been having dreams where something will happen in the dream, and it would happen, or be related to the dream in real life. I’m sorry, I also have been having Theese dreams, where I’m in this big beautiful house. Every time I come into this house, it’s either the exact same, or similar. This house also has little passageways that lead to other rooms I believe. What does this deam mean. Please interperate as soon as possible! Thank you for your time! Thank you!

  20. I had a dream about a man I met. I am siting with him on a concrete wall. The ocean is to our backs to an ocean in the background. He is sitting close to me, shoulder to shoulder, but not awkward. He is a bit upset about something, so he is distracted and does not realize I am there. As he does, his mood changes until he is happy. He is almost laughing and throws a small stone. I jump up to catch it and as I do it turns into a baby. I do not know if it is a boy a girl. The dream ends. I had this dream the night I met him.

    Thank you

  21. i saw in my dream that i have lost my shoes of green color. i am searching but nothing was found. i was actually on outing with my relatives not family and i also saw i was takings exam and i was barefoot.

  22. I saw a dream there was no lights and the door was open a small dog jumped on my neck and i saw a white cock sitting on the table and when i got up it was asser namaz time

  23. hey my old friend so me taking of my scarf in his dream and do alot of other stuff but he didnt tell me whta is it a bad thing?

  24. Salam aleykum..I had dreamt about three tornadoes side by side with the one in the middle looking all bloody red. I was in my flat located on the highest level with my mom and grandma..I could see these tornadoes destroying the whole town and they were coming towards us but instead of running for safety my mom, grandma and I decided to pray salah as we thought the world was coming to an end…Please can you interpret this dream for me?

  25. Saalam all, I had dream whice I m having quiet often nowadays , in my dream I see I m living in a mud house and a goat visits me and leaves milk behind and walks out,

  26. Salaams,
    I keep having dreams about the day of qiyamah. The first dream was in my hometown where everything was falling apart around me and I was trying to scratch of the nail polish on my toes before it all ended. The second dream was just me sitting on a crate in the middle of the ocean waiting for the world to end (I was the last person alive) and the third dream was similar to the first one but this time I saw myself afraid and trying to pray as much as I could before I ran out of time. Please help me figure out what these dreams mean? I have a lot of nightmares too but these are the ones I am most concerned about..

  27. Asalamu alaikum, I wonder if u could interpret my dream for me, please…I live in south africa. This dream I had so clearly with me from some years ago before I met my present husband…I have never been to palestine but in my dream I saw myself looking at al-aqsa mosque…suddenly I saw the golden dome falling over and I could hear shouts for help and I’m running towards it…as I ran closer I saw athat it was a male cry for help…I rushed to get him out from under it, I could not make out the face because when I reached to see him face to face, he suddenly disappear, from the side he look a very handsome man, very fair in color, long dark curly hair, he was wearing a striped white/beige kourta with a kufea, years later I met my husband with same features…plz reply me…

  28. Salam ,

    I had this dream that i’d like to know it meaning , and id really appreciate it if u help ..

    My dads brother has been sick in the hospital and died today (allah yerhamo) , 2 days ago i had a dream i woke up from bed , and opened my closet i found all his clothes , i caught one of his plovers and hugged it hardly and i could smell his smell and i felt like i was hugging , i was just about to run outside my room to tell my family i found the clothes , but then i woke before i got the chance ..

    Thank you so much ..

  29. I have a reoccurring dream where I am just moved in a huge lavish extravagant house. I am usually with people and either triyng to convince them it’s there or telling them to avoid certain rooms or ill take the bad rooms for them. I can’t see anything in my dreams, but I feel a sense of evil or jinn in the house. Certain rooms scare me more than others. And they are invisible. Right before I wake up, I’m somehow being attacked by the evil invisible thing. As I’m being attacked I started praying ( in my dream) for Allah to help me. And right then, I wake up from the dream every time. One time, I was having the dream and woke up the same way as stated before, but this time my bird who was watching me sleep, started going crazy and chirping frantically. I would really like to know the meaning of this dream please. It is often a reoccurring dream.

  30. i had a dream last night between 4 :00 -4:30 am .That tsunami comming from every side and i safe my life n my husband too but when i ask my husband where is my son he was quite .i start screeming n shoutng n crying finaly i find my son in a house, laying down and no signs on life .i was screeming i hold him up side down so water will come out from his mouth finaly water came out from his mouth and he open his eyes.i woke up on that time and i was breathless crying any crying {Allah}

  31. I Recently dreamt that myself and 2 other women were at a shopping centre or cinema place, seemed like Trafford centre not too sure, I don’t remember now whether if I knew them women or not :/ but we was standing at a slot machine, where you put pennies in and more money pushes through.. Well I saw that I’m winning alot of money and I win about 300 and give it to the women who is with me, I see that the money is Arabic Money.. As the women says to me this much is enough I’m going to wait for u in the car, I secret gamble more and hide more money in my pocket for myself.. I had this dream in the morning well after fajar, iv checked on a few sites and it’s showing me that seeing money like that means something bad and distress and disputes, I’m confused and worried, please can you answer to my dream.. Thankful jazakala

  32. salaam…i had a dream that there were golden colored stairs all around me..and when i went up on one of those stairs and found my parents praying, it was the time to pray…so i started praying also..its how it ended.

  33. I had a dream a few days back, that my later incissor had fallen out and i was extremly worried that it’ll never grow again ..
    Could you pleasee tell mee wat this means? Jazakallah x

  34. Hi, i had a dream which someone gave me holy quran with food and next dream again gave me a necklace with silver with name of imam ali a.s.
    Help me what my dream mean??

  35. salam i got 2 dreams
    1st dream was an old man was trying to press my neck he was holding me badly around my neck i shouted ya ali madad and he left….
    and 2nd dream was in my washroom i could find islamic books which i was taking out of it kindly advise thanks

  36. Assalamu alaikum
    I had a dream where i saw me walking on air but i was shacking like i walk on a rope bridge.
    pls tell me what it means

  37. Assalamu alaikum!
    I had a dream that i was happly sitting with my fiancee. suddenly a man come and asked her that he wants to have a relatioship with her. she looked into my eyes which i show her a signing of not to listing to him. i and her stood up and started walking away from the man. the man brought out a knife and followd me that made me to run. wen he catch me i asked him to go to her and build the relationship but he refused and he kept on trying to harm me but he could’nt. i was lucky to take off the knif from him while my fiancee was busy crying and begging him to leave me. but when i collected the knif frm him, me and my fiancee said that now we can fight him back. i wake up from my sleep.
    pls help me tell me what it means

  38. Had a dream that my dead neighbour gave me en my family bread en bean cake to eat, but we weren’t full so I personally went out to buy more of d same food en we shared again and we became satisfied. Can anyone pls try en interpret what this means truthfully.

  39. My mom had a dream that my brother went deaf and she was crying so much because he ended up blaming her for the reason he went deaf. Can u tell me what it means
    Jazakallah Khair

  40. I dream of a streets full of people, more like some festivity around that place. Then as I walked on that street heading North, until I reached the intersection of it, then a close friend of mine, saw him standing on the corner where I suppose to turn left heading West direction, he approached me and he wanted to show me something inside that cafeteria, so we went inside then suddenly I notice there’s a number written on the wall golden color 190, then my friend told its 50 50. So curiously following numbers pop-up 999. Can you please interpret this. Thanks salam.