Islamic Dreams

Dreaming of Islamic visions represent your need for clarity in context to wisdom passed down from prophets. Ru’yaa will provide you with good visions while Hulum will push forward bad dreams onto the dreamer.

For every dream, you will break it down to three parts according to Islamic interpretations.

“There are three types of dreams: a righteous dream which is glad tidings from Allah, the dream which causes sadness is from Shaitan, and a dream from the ramblings of the mind.” (Sahih Muslim)

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104 thoughts on “Islamic Dreams”

  1. I saw my grand mother was praying in her room and after praying she hug me and my son and start crying. What does it mean.

  2. I saw a black lady with abnormal full of light in it’s eyes is reciding in my mahoob house..What does this mean

  3. Last night i dreamt that I was getting married along aside of a another cousin(brother)… I did saw the face of her…bt at the end of dream i was shown that i was saying two names of my close frnd that 1 of them were my bride Bt the face I saw wasn’t them… So what is the meaning of it… Plz help me

  4. I dreamt that I am standing at the front of the Masjid Nabvi in a glass wall room, the green dome and the minarats are in front of me. I started to decorate this place with banters and paper flowers. Apparently am waiting for the doctor to come and issue medical certificate to go in.

  5. I dreamt that my deceased mother had pain from cancer, and I cried to God to heal her then I woke up. What is the meaning of this dream?

    1. You need to pray and give charity on behalf of your mother. The state you see the deceased in is the actual state they are in in death. Prayers for her forgiveness and mercy must be plenty and do righteous deeds so she can reap the reward of having raised a good child.

  6. in my dream I saw a friend, well are not quite good friends though, stealing and trying to eat my food in my own room but I caught him and took the food from him ans I asked him to leave my room. He was singing insuation song as he was leaving. I am confused because this person is not in the same town as me now.

    1. I am the same person, I am making corrections to my earlier post.
      “well are not…” should be well we are not…
      “ans” should be and.
      insuation should insinuation.

  7. I dream of same place in my dream it’s by the water or a beach and I am traveling to that place. Please tell me what it means.

  8. I sleep and I hear verses of Quran. Today I heard verses of Quran outside my body . Like a radio loud. What does it mean. I am awake .

  9. In my dream I saw myself, my two boys n my ex husband.
    We were all outside near water where we could see ducks in the distance. As we walked away from the water, we noticed my 15 month old son walk towards the water. Before we could do anything, he had emerged in the water. My eldest son immediately jumped in to help him then his dad jumped in but I stood helpless and voiceless. Then I saw bubbles in the water and both my son or my husband never found my baby.
    What does this mean?

  10. Assalam Alaikum

    I dreamt that I had two beautiful babies. It seems like I had lost one and had one more making it two and I was taking it home for my husband to see.

    My next dream, I saw my husband as the devil and I was going to cut of his head. I then thought this is how the devil makes you kill people.
    The I awoke.

  11. Asslam u alaikum

    I wanna know the islamic interpretation of my dream.

    I saw that flood came and everything has been drowned. water was everywhere but me and some more people (whom i dont know) are on a piece of wood (actually sort of takhta). then water came up to that and i start to astghfar then water goes down. plz tel me its interpretation.

  12. Salam, I am a practicing Muslim and offer my prayers plus tahajad regularly. I recite the Quran daily and try to live a pious life….

    I saw a dream last night and the details are so clear that I can remember each and everything.

    So I see that am meeting the family of the guy who is interested in me. His father is a pious guy and in the dream I could feel that he is very keen on talking to me . I have a very generic but pleasant chit chat with him ,,,, in the meantime it’s dinner time and everyone is invited to have food, the father takes the head chair and every one occupies a seat , there is just one chair left and it is on his extreme right ,., I am standing there confused as to where I should sit…. He calls me v politely and offers me the right hand side chair ….. I am still confused thinking it’s the mothers chair but she is also sitting there on another chair.

    I walk up to the right chair and sit there,,,,, the food is prepared by me ,,, that has fresh smelling bread and curry and another onion curry too…. I am just waiting for him to give me feedback on the food I have prepared. I serve the father with bread andi could see the mother is eating the onion curry and she seems to like it …. I am a bit confused too as I know the guy I like wont eat onion but In my mind I am satisfied that his family likes it ,,, the father keeps on talking to me politely and the dream ends ….

  13. What does it mean if you are driving through town and it is raining and then you come to closer into town you see police cars and then one police officer comes to you and asks for insurance details but doesn’t check them and let’s you off. Also I noticed the other police officer told this officer to go after me to ensure.
    I felt at unease when I woke up and didn’t like the experience.

  14. Hello. Am feeling so down. I saw a dream where I was angry and arguing with my deceased mother who was trying to explain something and looked sad. Please tell me what this means. I’m scared and feel horrible.

    1. Aminath, I believe that your dream about the conversation with your dead Mother, represents God. The dead Mother is your separation from him. He is telling you truths that you won’t believe or listen to while you are awake. Your fear and sadness represent how it feels to be separated from him. Jeremiah 29:11-13 1 peter 1:9 James 2:10 Romans 2:6-8 Hebrews 4:16 1 John 4:18 & 19 Matthew 7:13 You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. 14. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult a few, and only a few ever find it. Give your life to Jesus and study the Word of God. Ask God to reveal himself to you. God loves you mightily!!!!!

  15. Hello, i don’t know if you explain dreams for muslims but i had this weird dream and i would like you to help me understand it. This guy and I have been in love since two years now but most of the time its an on and off relationship. I would also say its a unique relationship not necessarily in a good way, we are both extremely proud and have failed to be direct and honest towards each other since we both see it as a sign of weakness.. i haven’t been speaking to him since the beginning of summer 2014 since we do not understand each other or try to. We are certainly a mystery to each other. Anyway, this is the not point. Last night i had this terrible dream that he married another girl, an ordinary girl that was with us in school but hasn’t been a problem to us. That is not the point, the point is that they got married and i was extremely sad, in the dream it was clear that we loved each but couldn’t be together because he had to get married.. i wanted to stop the wedding but i woke up. This relationship has brought ups and downs to my life mostly downs since i was hurt numerous of times. He never knew he hurt me since everything was always so mysterious and secretive. I don’t know if you get me but we loved each other deeply but we were just to proud to admit it .. therefor it led to games. I hope you can help me understand what this dream actually means, thank you.

  16. What does this dream about marriage mean?I had a dream I was getting married in a mosque where I was wearing all white. There was no one around me, I was alone, and I was waiting for the groom to show up. But, he never did. Then I step outside of the marriage area and I find his brother standing there, and he holds my hand.

  17. my mom in these two past days dream about me opening the door for a guy dressd in white that we don’t know and apprenlty my mom says don’t open but I do and I say he has tcome to fix something

  18. i have been seeing diturbing dreams fro many months now. I always see snakes around me or trying to hurt me. 2 nights before i saw a white snake in a dish of raw rice which an unknown woman was forcing me to put on my head. last night I saw my self vomiting stools and also felt like that i was moving home and me n my son got trap in a lift which was shaking n moving badly was not going anywhere. I am really worried. Can someone please tell me the meaning of this.

  19. I had a dream which took place at my grandmas home (my moms mother) and I had a dream that my uncle who is married got married to his wife’s cousin and his wife seemed happy about it no food or dancing or any of that was shown it was just that we were all happy getting the bride and groom ready for the occasion. My mom was giving my uncle (the grooms older brother) money like a few hundred bucks and he was not accepting it I was telling him to keep it but he returned it back to my mom who accepted it back. I also saw my grandpa my moms dad who at the moment is in Pakistan at the house and he was talking to my aunt about my dad and I was upset and told him to keep talking bc he was wiping away my dads sins. What does this dream mean? i dreamt all this before fajr salah and I also read isha and prayed my nightly prayers before going to bed and I listened to surah mulk right before bed as well.

  20. I saw my self cleaning my feet & clothes and keeping my family away from shit everywhere, no smell but felt very wired that no matter where I go I see shit. Using water to keep my feet clean. While I am traveling with my family to meet my in laws first time in Pakistan

  21. i have not been able conieve since 3 years of my marriage. i saw a dream in the morining a girl baby lying upon me comfortably suddenly her mom takes her away i feel very sad (the girls mom was my aunt)

    is it true seeing a baby girl means u can not concieve any one please help me by clarifying

  22. i dreamt my male friend converted to a muslim and he was in a headgear and in a white cloth. He said he was going to mosque to pray.

    in real life he’s not a muslim.

    what does it means?

  23. I would like an Islamic interpretation of the following dream, please.

    I am sitting in one of those armored prisoners bus along with few other people. We are all wearing white jump suits (like the orange jump suits that prisoners wear). All of a sudden, some people from outside starts shooting at us/bus. The bullets just bounce backs. Even though I should be scared, I am not scared and I am very calm like nothing is happening.

    NOTE: I want to change job/career and been praying to Allah to guide me. The job/career I am considering could be very risky and unsafe but I feel that it will provide me with a better job/career in the future.

    Please tell me what my dream means?
    Thank you.

  24. I had so many dreams but i cant figure it out these dayz am also facing trouble coz i want to get married i had relation from the past 2 years but now he is excusing because of his bad financial conditions but i seriously dont want to leave him it seems am in depression last night i saw a dream i exactly dont rememeber but i heard the voice of azan there was dark everywhere i have listened the sound of my sisters also but cant figure it out wat they were saying my all dreams r like this i hear some ayat aur azan sometimes rain i even have done istikhara but i forgot at came in the dream i didnt even remember that i even saw a dream or not

  25. I had a dream that I was going to get married. My family was all happy and so was I. I tried on my lengha and walked the stage. The stage had a marroon carpet with flowery design on it. Then I woke up and realized it was namaz time. What is the meaning of this?

  26. Salam,

    My mother had a dream that me and her both were reading Durood Shareef in a beautiful house, with a unknown man who my mum thinks is my husband? What does this mean? This dream was at Fajr time. I am 24 and still not married.


  27. ASA I need help with a dream I had please if someone can tell me what it means. My father came home with a old man with a beautiful white beard asked me what surah’s I read before I sleep and he stopped me very happily at Surah Kauthar. He requested I read it and I did then he hugged me. I went back to my bedroom and there was a beautiful golden hair young woman smiling at me with a beautiful red and golden dress. Telling me it’s been a long time since I have seen you. Also what a wonderful life it is. Also there were 2 little girls playing in the room. I have never seen these people in my life. Please help me to find out what the meaning could be.

  28. I had a dream last night that it was heavy raining,I my mum and my cousin were runing inside d rain and I was holding a corspe and it was my brother’s corspe,finally d rain stoped and we saw our grandmother and she was ill and coughing and then I started to cry seriously.pls help me out….am worried

  29. last nyte i demt that i grabed a mouse and that mouse gave me a bite and then i suddenly realised that it was not a mouse it was a snake

  30. I had a dream about someone I know who is a Christian he was in my car with a few friends he had some severe head pain and started getting really ill we rushed him to hospital and the doctor said theres not much chances for him to live coz his brains been damaged as they walked away I sat next to him in fear he would die as a kuffar and told him he needed to pray scared that he may refuse to at the same time I said the shahada word by word and he repeated after me and I thought he died and burst into tears five mins later he opened his eyes and was ok I was shocked and that’s when I woke up. Could you tell me the interpretation of this dream jzk

  31. Hi,
    I just had a a baby two months ago and i am going crazy with all the dreams I am having. However, yesterday I dreamt that there was a lion walking beside someone i know and my daughter I got the feeling was inside the lion or shadowed by the lion and this very scary man was following them to kill her. I was watching and terrified and then it switched to me being in my mom’s house and her and her friends got up to pray they put their praying mats and started praying and I was in front sitting on the couch with another girl who the daughter of the ladies praying? I have been going through a lot of stress and my doctor says I have cases of anxiety attacks and these dreams are not helping! Please anyone try to tell me what these dreams are telling me!

  32. i dreamt of my marriage two times… firstly, i was wearing a bride dress and was realy looking gud and was dressed up for the marriage.. i dont know to whom im gonna marry but i am not willing to get marry to that person. so i ran away from my marriage. second time, i am getting married to a person whom i know very well but in reality he is alrady married n he proposed me before his marriage but i rejected at that time. wot does this mean????