Sacred Symbols in Dream

Dreaming of sacred symbols mean your faith is attached to drawings and items created by ancient mystics. Each sacred symbol holds an unprecedented power for the user.

Upon waking up from the dream, conjure up the last image and seek out whether it is an ankh, Celtic knot work, triquetra or other respective symbols.

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4 thoughts on “Sacred Symbols in Dream”

  1. If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, This dream may be an invitation from God to pray what you dreamed for the rescue of persecuted Christians. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, pray and tell him you except his death on the cross in your place, you accept that he is God, was raised from the dead and ask him to be in charge of your life and then except his invitation to pray your dream for those persecuted all around the world.

  2. I’ve dreamed about Christian persecutions where I was one of them imprisoned in a catacomb soon to be beheaded for no reason as just ordered by the soldiers. There were also angels who stopped this drastic event who partake in transforming to humans and vice-versa. What’s the meaning of this dream? I can send you the full story because I’m writing my dreams in my dream diary.

  3. I have a recurring dream of an old church and from the outside I can see black smoke figures at the windows. I am scared of the church but I go inside. Inside it is an old church set-up but part of it has been burnt. The church is set in a remote location with big trees around it. What does this mean? I often dream about it.

  4. pls, what is the meaning of a dream when someone find himself reciting labaika allahuma labaika till the end and seeing people in white garment tawaf round kaaba.