Anaconda in Dreams

Dreaming of an anaconda means overwhelming power and virility. Any obstacle that stands in your path will be easy to overcome and master. If you are entering a business venture, take the good omen and pour all your energies into making it successful as the reward will be an exponential sum.

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8 thoughts on “Anaconda in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that my friend and I are surrounded with big snakes like anaconda and other kind of snakes and we step on them to cross to the other side.

  2. I was in my house and a anaconda was in my back yard, it was a big scene everyone was screaming a man had gotten aten and i went in my parents room to wake them up and we called 911 it was a scary sight.

  3. I had a dream that Anacondas were all over the University of Houston. I saved myself and drove off. I heard Vietnamise people brought them over and the Anacondas escaped and Houston will be filled with Anadocdas. I was furious and terrified. I could not stop talking about it in my dream to people. I told everyone!

  4. last night i saw a peculiar n different kind of anaconda. It was silver in colour and was chasing me while killing some people… nearly killed me just then i woke up from my dream….

  5. Just this night I dreamed of this anaconda hiding itself at the side of our refrigerator that we no longer use. Then I told my mom that we have to kill it because if we don’t., it will kill us. My mom got a hammer and i got a machete and i cut his head off. As the anaconda dies it started to talk and curse us that we will have a miserable and unfortunate life, In my dream i also curse it that it will go to hell.

    Luckily, it was just a dream. a horrifying dream. But what could it mean?

  6. Today I had a dream an anaconda was chasing me someone killed it nd as it was falling to it’s death it bite me on the left hand then my dream went to a different location nd the same snake was chasing me nd everytime I yelled Jesus it would fall then just when they killed it, it told me I have 12 more to go nd my son woke me up!

  7. last night i dreamed of an anaconda taking a turtle outof my hands. when i was young, i had such bad nightmares of snakes (particually anacondas) that i couldnt sleep. stress triggers these dreams today. Friends even tell me they dream about me with snakes. Being comforable wit the snake could simply mean you and your daughter are handling things well.

  8. My husband and I are getting divorced. My aunt dreamed of me and my daughter sitting in a very beautiful and serene garden when a Anaconda started to approach us slowly. As he came closer my aunt started screaming to alert me. However me and my baby daughter were very comfortable with the Anaconda’s presence. Then my aunt woke up while running towards us to get us away from the Anaconda.