Anaconda in Dreams

Dreaming of an anaconda means overwhelming power and virility. Any obstacle that stands in your path will be easy to overcome and master. If you are entering a business venture, take the good omen and pour all your energies into making it successful as the reward will be an exponential sum.

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21 thoughts on “Anaconda in Dreams”

  1. Dream about a huge anaconda or king cobra huge green like coiled waiting for me to face him / her than tried to bite me I killed her with my bare hand first time ever to dream about a snake this one was super huge and strong after killing it I woke up

  2. hello, I dreamed of being in a small boat with cosmopolitan friends for a tour guide. suddenly one of the old passengers of the fifties emerges from the water catching the head of a great green anaconda. he neutralized it and needed my help. the snake was strangled and I used a small pointed stick to beat him and prick him at the head. the snake and finally died but spat out a liquid that I avoided touching. finally there was a little of his blood on my hands and I managed to remove it with the water from the river.
    can you tell me more about this dream please?

  3. I had a dream in which blueish grey anaconda was sitting peacefully and i was throughing little snakes which i had in my dream over him

  4. I dreamed about a anaconda it attacked everyone but me then a smallest snake came after me and the Anaconda killed it what does that mean

  5. I had a dream of anacondas fenced in a back yard and I jumped the fenxe when I realized ot was alot in them in the grass what does this mean

  6. In my dream I saw a very long anaconda in a lake sleeping, people were there watching, I was later telling people to leave in case it might strike people if it wake up,nobody could locate its head

  7. I had a dream that I was at my grandmother’s home (where I grew up). I was walking up towards the house from the back field and saw my ex-husband in a vehicle in the front drive way, he appeared asleep though I couldn’t see his face. There was a giant anaconda backing into his passenger window, it was looking right at me. It’s head was bigger then mine and appeared to be over a foot wide, very thick and large. I said oh my sh@t and told my daughter’s can to come see (I could not see her but I knew she was there, my daughter was not). She said oh no I don’t want to even see and I turned to run to try to warn him maybe. When I turned there was another anaconda behind me to my right. It lunges at me to strike but I moved just in time. It missed and recoiled, almost like a zigzag in the air to turn and lunge at me again. It looked angry and was as large as the other. It looked to be 20 feet long! I turned to run as it turned its head to look at me and I woke up. What can this mean?

  8. I had a dream with two dark green anaconda snakes. I was walking in a park, when I see a anaconda looking at me and slowly going into a tree stump. I look in front of me and I notice snake shedding. Next thing I know I was bitten by another anaconda and this one was much bigger then the other one. It bit me in the back. I grabbed its head and pulled out its fangs from my back, I noticed the snake was dead and it was missing its face. It had no strength left. I tossed its head and walked away. What does all mean?

  9. I had a dream I was with my family. We were driving somewhere and it was night time out. This anaconda was set on killing us. Followed us everywhere especially if we lost him. He would find us and try to get us. But never got us.

  10. I dreamed of several anacondas in a field, and when I got close to them they would try to get away. I had a huge knife in my hand as if I was hunting them. My boss at work has attempted numerous times to fire me for things that I have not done. I think this dream has to do with that.

  11. So I had a dream that I was sleeping and two extremely large anacondas (they were the size of the anacondas in the actual movie “Anaconda”) were in my room staring at me coiled up (one was a cream color and the other was normal dark green colored with black spots) I lost sight of the white one and finally escaped my room, went into my mothers room where my brother was alone, I asked about him seeing any snakes and he said the white one went into his room at 6am and he’s been in my moms room since then.. So I end up going back into bed and falling asleep, then I can see my eyelids blinking and the snake is on my wall.. I couldn’t tell where the head was until suddenly it appeared crawling up my bed. As this happened I was levitating for some odd reason and I fell on the huge dark colored snake.. I felt it on my skin as if it was real life. Then that’s when I woke up about to run out my damn house

  12. I had a dream this morning I was sitting on a porch with a friend and then I see a small anaconda drop from some where. I jump up and start screaming and scream to my friend to run. But the crazy part was the scencery changed we ended up running up a red clay like hill I woke up after.

  13. My dream was about a girl, who was sentenced to death by….an employer who I recently had as a boss. I told her, that there is nothing to be afraid of and I told her shes blessed to leave this world. And she was fine after this. But then I was watching the execution and it was that she had to go swimming in a lake… which was seperated like a pool with coridors…. and they had to go swimming as fast as they can in the lake, and she jumped and the anacaonda attacked her and killed her. I remember feeling the world pushing me around and I felt myself as the girl. Not only she had to die but couldnt do it gracefully. It had to be on command. I was shocked and I swallowed it, but I woke with fear.

    The boss I had was a crual man, enjoying killing animals, he was a hunter. And farmer.
    In the dream I realized last year he had a bad year in farming business with strawberries and he sentenced his workers to death for making a mistake. They shot them like animals being hunted.

  14. I had a dream that my friend and I are surrounded with big snakes like anaconda and other kind of snakes and we step on them to cross to the other side.

  15. I was in my house and a anaconda was in my back yard, it was a big scene everyone was screaming a man had gotten aten and i went in my parents room to wake them up and we called 911 it was a scary sight.

  16. I had a dream that Anacondas were all over the University of Houston. I saved myself and drove off. I heard Vietnamise people brought them over and the Anacondas escaped and Houston will be filled with Anadocdas. I was furious and terrified. I could not stop talking about it in my dream to people. I told everyone!

  17. last night i saw a peculiar n different kind of anaconda. It was silver in colour and was chasing me while killing some people… nearly killed me just then i woke up from my dream….

  18. Just this night I dreamed of this anaconda hiding itself at the side of our refrigerator that we no longer use. Then I told my mom that we have to kill it because if we don’t., it will kill us. My mom got a hammer and i got a machete and i cut his head off. As the anaconda dies it started to talk and curse us that we will have a miserable and unfortunate life, In my dream i also curse it that it will go to hell.

    Luckily, it was just a dream. a horrifying dream. But what could it mean?

  19. Today I had a dream an anaconda was chasing me someone killed it nd as it was falling to it’s death it bite me on the left hand then my dream went to a different location nd the same snake was chasing me nd everytime I yelled Jesus it would fall then just when they killed it, it told me I have 12 more to go nd my son woke me up!

  20. last night i dreamed of an anaconda taking a turtle outof my hands. when i was young, i had such bad nightmares of snakes (particually anacondas) that i couldnt sleep. stress triggers these dreams today. Friends even tell me they dream about me with snakes. Being comforable wit the snake could simply mean you and your daughter are handling things well.

  21. My husband and I are getting divorced. My aunt dreamed of me and my daughter sitting in a very beautiful and serene garden when a Anaconda started to approach us slowly. As he came closer my aunt started screaming to alert me. However me and my baby daughter were very comfortable with the Anaconda’s presence. Then my aunt woke up while running towards us to get us away from the Anaconda.