Crocodile in Dreams

A crocodile is a dangerous omen when it appears in your dream. It represents a task or obstacle that will be detrimental to your health. The crocodile will guide you towards the wrong direction till you fail, then it will snap you up. Expect to see bad events unravel right before your eyes. Paid attention to them very carefully as it effects you in negative ways unimaginable when managed inadequately.

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3 thoughts on “Crocodile in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt about a crocodile last night. I switched back and forth between observing the crocodile and being the crocodile. At some point I went after an old man, woman and their dog but then switched to me being on the bank helping pull the woman up and away from the crocodile. Then I switched back to being the crocodile. The old man and woman forgave me(the croc) and showed me to a little island I thought would be a good place to do more hunting. The setting was very exhibit-like in the sense that the “river” was actually a large pool like you would see at a zoo except there were no fences.

  2. I saw an crocodile in my Dream first time the second time I bought a iron rod on tryied to kill him but i was nt able toI kill…. then my dad n my elder sis went to kill him but they couldn’t n my hand got peeld of when I tried to kill crocodile

  3. Last night I had a vivid dream of being chased by a crocodile in my house. Both my cat and myself were constantly jumping from table to couch to avoid being bitten. But my cat kept trying to run off by herself and I was trying to catch her and safe her from the croc who kept chasing her everytime she leapt down on the ground. The croc then managed to snap at my cat and nip off her back heel which was hanging on by some skin (like her achillies heel I remember feeling, even though that may not make sense) I was so distraught that I picked her up and tried to save her and did not care that I was on the floor where the croc was… then I woke up.

    I’ve never dreamed of a crocodile before nor my cat. What does this mean?