Frog in Dreams

When we dream about frogs, we often go back to the story of kissing a frog and the frog turning into a handsome prince. However, that’s far from what the dream really means. Frogs are more related to health problems or issues simply denoted by its skin pigmentation. These problems may cause little or no distress to family members afflicted.

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18 thoughts on “Frog in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt little frogs were under my cloths. I could feel movement and would reach in my pants and pull out a small frog. I was not afraid or worried. But it kept happening over and over again.

  2. I dreamed that suddenly millions of tiny little frogs were fleeing from the west to the south east as fast as they could move. They came from across the street and crossed at the neighbor’s property line, through his backyard and went southeast.. It looked like a flowing river and never stopped until I woke up.

  3. I had this really akward dream this morning but it is really bugging me. Everything was normal at first just me and some friends talking having a good time outside. All of a sudden I have this erge to go down this hill like I had a feeling about something. I go down and keep in mind its not a big hill just a small rock step down. So I find this baby laying in the grass and a blanket over his legs. It is my baby ( my baby is now 20 months) it was him as a new born. I pick him up I don’t look worried on why hebis out here but I could feel my real self worried. I myself was like if i was watching this happen in real life. So i picked up my baby he had the back of his head wet and was in a winter onsie. I comfort him and then as I walk to take him back to were everyone is the little step turned into A bunch of rocks i had to climb and sitting at the top was a black snack with red strip it was still a baby and a big green frog. I was worried the snack wkuld attack so I yelled for help for someone to grab the baby bc i was not able to climb up. A friend came took the baby and brought him with the rest of everyone. I was then left alone to try and climb this rock mountain as i was doing so the snack started to slither past me and i noticed it was injured. Then all of a sudden the frog made a loud scary noise and jumped on my shoulder. I screamed real loud ( i actually jumpnin screamed in real life too) as i jumped I woke up. The dream felt like it is trying to tell me something and I’m trying to figure what.

  4. I was in my bedroom and a frog was on the wall. My little sister who is mostly afraid was intrigued and I was terrified. I sprinkled salt on the frog and ran out the room. The frog climbed to the window but as it climbed it got larger. My sister opened the window and it left. I went down to the kitchen and came back to see two frogs sitting on the wall. My cousin decided he was going to throw his new items from shopping all over my floor and bed making it difficult to catch them if they jumped. I sprinkled salt again on these two and more showed up. I got a garbage bag to catch them in and when I got back four of them jumped on my little sister. I hit them off and used a broom to try kill them. They wud not die. I caught a few of them in the bag and took them outside. Three more as in the room. I took them out as well. When I put them out, the larger one started saying something I cud not understand over and over and my grandmother and others standing around only heard the croaking. I do not know what language it was. I locked the door and then began cleaning the room before I pitched away.

  5. I had a dream last night That my upper body was covered in frogs. They hopped on until I was completely covered with what seemed to be all adult frogs. I’ve never dreamed of frogs from what I remember. The strange thing is I’m scared of anything reptile or animal that crawl or hop but in my dream I didn’t freak out. I stayed calm as if it was something I had to do and calmly removed the frogs. I proceeded to the door in the room but I don’t recall leaving the room. Can you tell me what this means

  6. I had a dream that I was in a living room with former friends. One of them said he had bought a frog and continued to open a box and inside was a big green frog. I held it, it was smooth it had small human like teeth but its fangs were not. I asked if another one of my former friends had gotten a frog as well and he said yes. I remember seeing a big red/orange frog. For some strange reason I had a big brown frog in my mouth that I was trying to get out, but nobody would help me.

  7. I had a dream that I was in my room. The lights were out and I could somewhat see something moving on my bed, at first it looked like a spider but then the lights came on and I’m not sure if it was a frog or toad but it was really large yellow and white, it had its mouth and eyes on top of its head. It was walking on my bed and all I could feel was terror. My mom and sister suddenly appeared in my room trying to kill the frog/capture it and they were screaming at me to leave and close the door before it would escape.

  8. I was looking down into a box or boat of some kind, in it was a white puppy and it was trying to get out I picked up the puppy and this baby green poisonous frog jumped of this puppy onto me it was so tiny but when I realized it was going to poison me I looked in the mirror and seen all of my top chest black and purple as the poison was setting in quickly I heard someone say to go get my blood cleansed before it reaches my heart, I was able to injure the frog though but I felt fear and anxiety that I was dying and I saw myself at the hospital getting flushed out with these long hoses but I still felt like I was not going to make it.. then the dream went into another area.

  9. I had a dream that I caught a frog that couldn’t swim or leap. He wasn’t injured or anything he just apparently never learned how tod do what frogs naturally do. So he just sat there in my hands.

  10. I had a dream that my mom was making out with this really big frog, and then she handed it to me. but i was afraid of the frog, so i didn’t touch it. however, i did feel bad for it, so i put it in this big bottle, and somehow i got a shoe box in the bottle for the frog to hide in. later, i found out that my mom let the frog out to get some air. when i saw it hoping around my sister’s old room, i grabbed the shoe box, and was getting ready to trap the frog inside of it. trying not to move and scare the frog, i stood over it holding the shoe box. i dropped the box directly over the frog, and trapped it, except it caught the frogs leg, and for a second it looked dead. but it wasnt, it crawled under the shoe box. i cant remember what happened after that, i just want to find out what it means. someone please help, i have a REALLY bad feeling about this.

  11. I dreamed about having a frog last night. It was in my hands for a long time. Nothing strange happened, I liked my frog, and then it bit me and hopped under the shelf. I was with someone who explained I would learn how to avoid getting bitten after a while, how to avoid the fangs. When I looked for it, the frog had turned into a beautiful girl. She was sitting under the shelf just looking around. When she saw me looking, she waved and smiled. I looked at the blood on my hand and decided to get over it and learn how to avoid being bitten.

  12. I had a funny dream, after been in a pool with couple of killer wells on my right smiling at me showing the teth like a shark on my left was like 3 dulfins very relax, I jumped out of the pool and I saw a frog with long large lips that moes when I touched her.
    The frog (dark green) was trying to kiss me because I was singing a song (bubble bubble bubble….) and then I was so happy because the frog was so funny kissing me and I was kissing her after (normal kiss lips to lips).

  13. I had a dream last night, that I was walking on a dock, and as i was walking down I thought i had seen this handsome guys, so naturally i stood up a bit straighter and walked a bit more gracefully 🙂 But i heard something in the water so i turned around and their was a frog in there lying on his back making kissing faces at me. As I turned back around and proceeded to walk forward, the man had also turned into a frog. now their were millions.. MILLIONS of frogs, they would curl up in a ball and then open up and lay on their backs and make kissy faces at me, the impression i got is one of them wanted to be kissed, but I was so grossed out, i started to run down the dock to get away from these disgusting ugly looking frogs that were trying to get a kiss from me (carefully, trying not to step on anyone!) And.. then i woke up.