Lizard in Dreams

Lizards are your enemies in dreams. These lizards will cause you harm if the dream is not handled properly. Plan on beating the lizard (your opponents and antagonists in life) and you will regain lost reputation and wealth.

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55 thoughts on “Lizard in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that my elder sister has holded a lizard and she is making me scarded by bringing it near to me and I am getting so scared. And after that I saw that I stamped a dead lizard again I saw 2-3 lizards are crawling here n there and I m getting scared.

  2. Hi. I had a dream of an orange Lizard sitting on a rope but the strange part is that I was sitting for my exams and I was expected to write about the Lizard. I got so terrified of the Lizard that I actually moved my chair backwards because the the rope that the Lizard was on, it was passing inches above my tights in the exam room. After moving my chair away from the room the next thing I know the Lizard was on my right tight and I was feeling a discomfort pain on my tight. I struggle to wake up but I couldn’t but it felt so real like the Lizard was really there

  3. Had a dream blizzard falling off my dining room curtain I screamed for my husband to kill it
    In the dream I told him that blizzard should not be in the house
    What does this mean

  4. I dreamt that a massive green lizard flew from outside in too to the house in the roof and we couldn’t get him down. What does that mean?

  5. I was in a room full of small lizards, and I didn’t want to kill them, but they stared biting me so I grabbed a broom and started hitting them. Then they attacked my dogs, so I was just hitting them with a broom.

  6. Last night I had a dream that I got a colorful tattoo of a green lizard or something that closely resembled a lizard. The tattoo was on my middle finger on my left hand. If anyone could help me understand what the meaning of this may or may not be, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  7. for the past couple of days I keep dreamin of lizard the other night I dream of a team of lizard attack me and I was crying like crazy to get away now I dream again this time is a color one jump up and attack me in my back and wouldnot leave off me not sure about that dream

  8. Hi,
    My sister dream of 2-3 baby lizards dying . She is planning for family for last 1 year but unfortunately they are not successful.
    This particular dream of dying baby lizards come up before her periods dates and its coming for last 4-5 months. Please analyze the meaning of this dream

  9. I dreamed about a skinny green lizard it ate a white lizard that was bigger than it, The only part of the white lizardthat was sticking out was its head as I look down at it, the green lizard then threw it back up and then it proceeded to Chase me and then started climbing all over my face in my dream the I woke up when I felt on my face

  10. I dreamt a lizard was in my hair I quickly brushed it off with my hands and it rolled a couple of times on my forehead an it fell …it was a small brown lizard with black lines around it…pls help am worried

  11. My dream: I was about to touch a lizard when another head cam out of it and one head bit my middle finger and the other bit my index finger. I ended up waking up and not even being able to tell my sister (who I share a room with) what happened because i was so frightened, after the fact

  12. Aoa , I saw that I’m on vacation with my husband and two kids at a beautiful hill station , but for some reason could not leave the hotel room and there are fat house lizards on white bedsheets. I’m scared of them and they don’t let me go out.

  13. Hello,
    I had a dream about a red lizard working toward me in the my bed actually this is my first time having such a dream I don’t know what it means ? please help me

  14. Hello,
    I had mostly dream about lizards with in 1 month. Had 4 or 5 times lizard came in my dreams I just seriously don’t know what actually is happened. Soo please help me out of this big issue.

    I had dream about two lizard which is too big n there tail is also too big and they they move slightly Here and there. And one of them is fall down n my friend catch and her and throw outside. I am seriously fear about this whole dream so please help me.

    And tell me there is any problem or not.

  15. Dreamt that my boyfriend and I were going through some stuff and he found this huge grey with white spots lizard. It was wet and seemed to be a water lizard or something and was about the size of my boyfriends whole leg. He wasn’t scared so he had it wrapped around his arms but i freaked out. Woke up on the last bit of a scream thinking it was in the room with me. Took forever to go back to bed.

  16. I dreamed that me and one of my friend r chatting in my room while we want to open the curtain of a window but there were 3 lizards : 2 of them are of normal size and one is small like their kid. Then we move the curtain by using a scale. I saw on the other room my mother was cutting a mango for our breakfast. what does it mean?

  17. Dreaming that bigger lizard swallowed smaller one. I felt disguising seeing it in the dream to a result that I nearly vomiting

  18. I dreamed that me and some other person who I can remember… Was in a room and two lizards was trying to sneak up on us.. The person started to try and catch them, so I decided to try as well and one got in my mouth and It was like I caught the tail but was pulling and pulling and it was never ending. I usual have all types of dreams but for some reason this one is sticking to me in a strange way… Can anyone help me understand the lizard scenario????

  19. I saw dream in which there is a well n in that there are lots of lizard moving here n there but around the well only and i m killing those lizard.and i also dream that that well is in my house.what does it mean.

  20. I had a dream in which i saw many grey lizards and suddenly i saw my younger sister of the age 23,one of the lizard is crawling over her on her shoulder and i tried to save her from that but the lizard ran away crawling on her back and the other thing that was my sister was not at all afraid by da lizard on her. what this dream means?

  21. It almost 2 days I have dream that there is a plenty of lizard around me,but on a 2nd day the lizard in front of my bed drop of plenty eggs in my bed at that time my 1 brother and 2 sister is with me counting the egg on the I want to know what is the meaning of this dream..

  22. one evening in my room my girlfriend told me she just had a dream of a coldblooded like creature/ a lizard with wings; from her dreams the set up happened inside my room when a lizard was trying to pick up or steal my garbage bag, papers; and dig on walls for insects; it flew around and we’re trying to shove it away. What does that suppose to mean?

  23. Just wondering if anyone can interpret a dream I had about a lizard crawling into my ear, I tried to pull it out but it’s tail fell off and it kept on crawling into my ear.

  24. i had a dream a big green lizard which fell out of the sky. my family in my dream tried very hard to protect the lizard from those who wanted to steal it to profit from it. i even hid it inside my shirt when i confronted people who wanted to take it and i drove them away

  25. I had a dream I was at a park and a giant lizard graves on to me,like a comtodragon lizard and I was being attacked but then it ran off like it was scared and I looked behind me it was a lion and I stared at it in the eyes and I thought holy shit run do I started running but now I look at the dream the lion saved me from this lizard

  26. I Usuallly see the dreams with lots of lizards frequently. Sometimes I see myself killing those lizerds sometime trying to run away of them.

  27. I had a really weird dream last night. i was in an old kitchen n everywhere i found large 1 foot lizards..i was not afraid of them..i caught them.chopped off their necks and cooked them n ate it..

    what does this dream mean? i was alone in tat dream..

  28. I had a very intense dream with much color last night. I went to the kitchen and was looking out in the backyard where there were several large komodo dragon like lizards moving around and making strange noises. They seemed to see me, but weren’t hostile in nature. Then all of a sudden came some very large bats. The wings were maybe a few feet across. One lizard that was very close to me quickly grabbed the bat’s wing and began to eat it. It was then that I woke up.

  29. i had a dream that i had a pet lizard and a daughter that i don’t have let him go on accident. as i went to catch it, it grew to a large lizard. i picked it up to put it in it’s cage and it bit me. i felt no pain, and the entire dream morphed into a different reality.

  30. I had a dream , Iwas lookin at a date tree , when suddenly I realized there was a big lizard on my back, and heading towards my neck to bite me . Awaiting ur reply

    1. Follow your spirit man You are feeling trapped ,smothered.The giant lizard cralled up my back it was about to bite me .I called on jesus to save me ,he made it dissapear.I woke up and broke up with my boyfriend .I had the understanding that when the lisard hissed it was his voice.He’s in love with me but I was not in love with him .I regreted getting intimet .God spoke to me to get away.I hope this helps you, your dream is closest to mine.

  31. I had a dream last night where a lizard was crawling around my sleeping bag, and it tickled. In the morning it crawled on my shoulder and was with me all day. I would let it go to go eat and do it’s business but it would always come back to me when I called it’s name, “segond”. He was like my little pet. At one point he came back to me as a man. He was a big gentle man. And I loved him dearly. I didn’t find it odd that he was once a lizard and now he was a great big man, but I did notice a tattoo that covered his back. I ran my fingers along it and said, “I hadn’t known you had this”, and we walked along. Me and “Segond”. Why kind of name is that? Did I have a visit from a beautiful Indian man whose spirit animal was a lizard? šŸ™‚

  32. i saw this dream, that im sitting on a sofa in my tv lounge, and this big lizard comes near me, and i start screaming and running, and it jumps towards me and follows me. and then i came running to my room, and my sisters try finding the lizard and killing it, but it cant be found, maybe its hiding or gone or something.
    then i came to my room, and i see one of my guy friends siting on my bed and talking to my mother about general usual stuff.

    im confused. what does this all mean?

  33. i was sleeping the other night. i saw that a baby lizard right up on my bed on the roof of the room and i saw it lift it’s tail . what does this dream mean as i never before dreamed of lizard.

  34. i saw a dream in which i was sleeping in the bed and a green n purple lizard crawled quitely by my side, doing no harm to me, neither did i.

  35. I had a dream about a lizard. At first it was still alive but suddenly , a car accidentally ran on it, then all I saw was the head of the lizard being torn apart, and then in my dream I asked my sister if it’s still alive but we recognized that it isn’t anymore. So what’s the meaning of my dream? can somebody help me?

  36. i had a dream i was chocking on a lizard but i pulled it out and freaked. before i was reliving my child hood which i do not like and wanted to wake long before the lizard.

  37. i had a dream that i was standing somewhere then suddenly allot of lizards jumping on me.i was like being buried with lizards,,they where falling in me

  38. I had a dream that there was a green lizard on the ceiling in the kitchen. so I called my granma to get it… so she went and when she reached for the tail it sqiurmed away. so i was back by my room and she asked me if i saw it and it ran on my foot. so then i shook my foot vigoursly for it ti get of while yelllin GET OFF ! then i woke yp and found out that I was doing it in my sleep also

  39. I saw a Lizard in my dream. It had hair-like things on it. I don’t know if it was hair. It was in my room and then my younger brother pick it up and threw it outside. I got scared and shouted at him to stop because I thought it might hurt him.

    Please please tell me what it means? I am having a very difficult time nowadays. And my cousin sister us visiting so she is staying in my room. So she was there in my dream too.

  40. Hi, I had a dream that. I was in a room and I just opened a bag and out crawled a large purple and green colourful lizard. This scared the living daylights out of me. At this point in my shock I open the window to let some light In and upon seeing this. He crawls out of the bag and across the room and out through the window.

    What does this mean?

  41. I had a quick dream about how I was sleeping in bed and then all of a sudden the ceiling fan in my room, as it was spinning- I noticed a orange lizard on one of the propellers and it shot off onto my bed. It started crawling up to me, and I couldn’t move and closed my eyes- I just was shaking and woke up shaking.

  42. I had two dreams last night about Lizards. Both in two separate sleeps.

    The first one was about my father, who welcomed two con-artists to our home and offered them a job to do, but before he could speak to them, I warned my dad, and we both shooed them out of the house. The two con-artists opened the front door and ran out, allowing many large lizards to enter our home.

    I grabbed my slippers and began to thwack them and crush them. I awoke after that.

    My next dream, in my next sleep, was about me in the shower. As I was washing myself I noticed that to the side of my bath were meaningless objects, but on top and between those many objects were baby lizards.

    So I pulled the shower hose off and began to spray them, causing the lizards to foll off the tops and slide down the shower drain. This was a long process in the dream as I seeked them out one by one.

    I’m not sure what it means, really…do I attack my enemies? Defeat them?

    I’m really clueless as to what this dream means. I would really appreciate a response.

    1. Yusef, I myself used to have reoccurring dreams with alligators and crocodiles. Reflecting back and realizing now, they were warnings to get my children and myself out of an extremely abusive and dangerous relationship. Reptiles are a manifestation of an evil or a dangerous partnership, relationship,etc… Be thankful for such a dream, and don’t ignore it.
      -Be on your guard for others who could rob you and or most importantly a female who has access to your money and may buy seeming thoughtful/misc. gifts. I’s a false love interest. Your father figure is a way for this person to weasel themselves into your family fabric.

  43. I had a dream that I was in bed with my husband and saw a lizard in the bed my husband was sleeping but when he turned over he rolled over on the lizard. I woke him up in the dream and told him what happened. then i looked on the wall and then a saw the lizard with his broken leg trying to crawl up the wall but fell down then I saw another lizard. Then i woke up out of my dream. And mind i tell you I dont like lizards at all. I’m afraid of them. What Does this dream mean?