Lizard in Dreams

Lizards are your enemies in dreams. These lizards will cause you harm if the dream is not handled properly. Plan on beating the lizard (your opponents and antagonists in life) and you will regain lost reputation and wealth.

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61 thoughts on “Lizard in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream being followed by a poisonous black n yellow lizard but that lizard was being friendly…n helping me but inside I was scared of that lizard ..n IDK y it is this way can anyone please tell me about it..

  2. I saw a lizard inside my small purse in a vision, it flashes and vanished within seconds.
    Please what does that mean?

  3. alright…i saw a white lizard the size of a cat runing in my garden really fast….it climbs the wall fast…it also disappears like a camoflauge…and is really fast…didt attacked me but i was was just runing around…i was walking the garden and it was runing around but i went my way and it remained there….plz help

  4. I recently had a dream where in I saw a dead White Lizard cut in two pieces …
    Please interpreate and let me know what it means? Is it goo omen or bad?