Reptile in Dreams

Dreaming about reptiles mean that you fear others lurking behind your back and spreading rumors. These rumors create gossip and will affect your reputation negatively. After the reptiles dream, you should be careful in business affairs; or things you have your time and wealth heavily invested in.

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One thought on “Reptile in Dreams”

  1. I’m out in the woods with people no one I really know. We stop for water then suddenly their is a huge giant snake,we set a trap and kill the reptile, thinking the snake is dead and we are safe. A friend and I go to a neighbors house. We’re we find another snake, sliding from under the porch I shot at it with a small. 22 and a shot gun but end up missing and kill people by the snake. My friend wants to go after the people but I grab her and say they are dead no uses the owner hurries us inside and his wife gives him a gun and he runs after the snake