Scorpion in Dreams

Scorpions are poisonous and dangerous. A dream about scorpions are often accompanied by pending doom and destruction. Maybe someone has hurled hurtful words towards your way, and you feel your world being destroyed by what they did.

To counter the scorpion dream, confront the individual who has created these destructive feelings around you.

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3 thoughts on “Scorpion in Dreams”

  1. Repeated dream 2 nights in a row a little different each time ( same exact setting and same exact scorpions but different characters each time). First night it was in a old couples house almost old to the point on the cusp of death and I was visiting them and I remember being pinched by a scorpion thing but it was white and they said that it wasn’t deadly but to watch out for the black ones and before ya know it I had went to walk out of the room and repeatedly hit in the leg by something and I look down and it’s a black scorpion and it had hit me multiple times in the leg, but seemed more symbolic them deadly ( shortly after woke up). On the second night I was in the same setting even down to the same house but this time I was visiting someone that was a acquaintance of mine and as I sit there with him chatting I look down and there are all these scorpions on the floor (the white ones and the black ones) and he tells me pretty much what the old couple had told me was that the white ones were not deadly but the black ones were and to watch out well before ya know it I get stung multiple times by the black ones and am in grave shape ( looks kinda like a movie snake bite) but I’m still ya know ok they just tell me I should go to the doctor because it looked pretty bad but both times I did wake up frightened and confused about what this dream meant like I say it felt so symbolic

  2. I had a dream last night. My oldest daughter came out of the kitchen and said I can’t clean the kitchen there are bugs everywhere. I went to check it out scorpions were everywhere so I killed all of them. I went in my 2 yr olds room to check on her picked her up out of her crib and she was covered in baby snakes baby scorpions and baby turtles the only one that bit her was one of the baby snakes

  3. Yesteryda, I had a very scary dream ! I saw someone a lady who was looking at me and was hoping that I get stung by the scorpio! and I actually did! after I got stung a white thing came out of the scorpio! I immediately woke up and was somehow afraid !
    I think I was somehow considered to be a princess, I was staying in a building or a house (where I visited to check whether I should move there or not, but I decided that I wont!)
    but it was so scary and felt frightened!