Snake in Dreams

Snakes represent enemies and the things you fear in real life. When you dream about snakes, be more cautious in the waking hours. It is a foreboding feeling that a bad turn of events can happen suddenly as a snake would strike rapidly on its unsuspecting prey.

You will feel betrayal from people you least expect. Business deals can turn soar at any moment.

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399 thoughts on “Snake in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt of walking and all of the sudden I realized that there were snakes on the ground everywhere. I was afraid (I don’t like snakes) and I started skipping over them as I was frightened…than I was walking down the street and there were snakes hanging from house windows here and there!

    1. Jessie, it is common for a person full of pessimism and cynicism to see worries everywhere. Are there parts of the dream accompanied by bright sunlight and clear blue skies?

      Start to find more fulfillment in your life by partaking in activities, and these snakes will fade from your dreams.

  2. I’ve had a dream that there was a yellow and organe snake and red and black snake in my parents’ room, During the entire dream I felt like I couldn’t trust those snakes. In everyday life I have a phobia of snakes.

    1. Snake colors and patterns are usually good indicators of the most venomous snakes. Garden snakes that lack a deadly bite are dull in color.

      Interestingly these bold bright volatile colored snakes are in your parents’ room. Has your parents promised you one thing, then did the complete opposite to earn your mistrust in them?

    1. Your peace of mind will be shattered by events that continue to have a strong hold over you. These negative events may not be noticed by the untrained eyes, but your subconscious will implant imagery of an anaconda as a warning before it takes full form in front of your very eyes.

      Explore your situation and think about the things that hold you back. That is the key to understanding the anaconda in your dreams.

  3. I have had alot of dreams about snakes, sometimes im in a room full of them and they are biting my feet and hands, or sometimes im killing them but feeling guilty when i do. In one dream i killed a orange one and used it for a belt.

    1. Your life is filled with obstacles, yet you are able to come out triumphant every time. Don’t feel bad about crushing the challenges along the way while you continue to leverage what you learn in the process.

      Turning the snake in to a belt is your way of sticking it to people who may be plotting against you.

  4. In addition to the previous comment. I have dreams about snakes frequently. I have had them for nearly a decade. As a child I picked up a copper head it curled around my arm. I didn’t know to be afraid. However in my dreams I am scared to death of the snake. It always appears randomly. Any comments on this? I am never bitten it is just always sitting there coiled and silent.

    1. These snake related dreams you are having may be a result a childhood trauma with snakes. How do you feel when you enter a pet store that sells pet snakes? Do you have the same level of fear for snakes in real life verse dreams?

      If nothing seriously bad has happened to you over the decade while envisioning snakes in your dreams, then nothing bad is ever going to happen to you as a result of you dream about the boa constrictor.

      Aside from your background history, the boa in dreams mean that there’s a certain entrapment being set for you. If you are aware of individuals who do not necessarily like you then follow the wisdom behind the saying “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” to keep damage to a minimum if such a scenario ever arises.

    2. if u ar from the western hemisphere these may mean a couple things have found trouble in your daily life but don’t really know what to do
      2. your friends are turning from u and yet u don’t actually know what to do or u dont care or u just hadn’t known it yet but youve discovered now
      3. that satan (the devil) is always out to get you in this tlife but hes having trouble thinking on what to do and it also says in the christian bible hes waiting there as a crouching lion (or in this case snake) waiting to pounce on you (looking for a vulnerable spot)

  5. I had a dream that a boa constrictor was curled up staring at me beside my bar table. I walked past it. It was tan colored and near my walking path.

  6. I dream that I was sleeping and a snake was beside me, then it started to crawl across my neck and left its skin that it changed on the left side of my neck. What does this mean?

    1. The left behind snake skin is giving you a sign that the hardships in your life are coming to an end. The obstacles and challenges that you have faced are moving on, and will no longer hold you back at what you need to accomplish in life.

      1. I’ve dreamed of retiles two nights straight…scary! the first night i dreamed i was wading in water and found myself surrounded by crocodile. My husband was in this dream and did nothing to help me, it was as if he didnt see me but he was with me. Last night i dreamed a red,white,and blue snake was appering everywhere i went and eventually a yellow snake showed up and the red,white and blue one began pick up speed and chased me, i looked up it was on the ceiling and landing in my face biting me. My husband was also in this dream and calmly did nothing to help. O my God…what does this mean???

  7. I dreamed of a white snake turning into a beautiful woman. I don’t know her, and yet I was so attracted her. Does it bode well for me that this lady I fancy comes from a white snake? Is there something sinister behind this dream?

    1. A white snake is not necessarily evil, as good fortune can be disguised in dreams that appear to be ominous. This is in fact a blessing as white snakes are rare and highly valued in eastern and western cultures.

  8. i keep having dreams of copperhead at the river coming after me or my youngest son. sometimes chasing and biting. really confused.

    1. Thinking of your son throughout the copperhead ordeal dream means you love him very much and will protect him at all cost. Is your son currently facing any kind of difficulties in health and well being?

      1. I had a similar dream, walking with teen son in nature, found a white snake with red head, was offering food worms, then it tried to bite me and kept trying to bite me, got anxious as I worried it might be poisonous from south and son said came over and said hold it like this away from me (he isn’t afraid of snakes) the snake got mad and started blowing red smoke

  9. The second dream I had was about a snake. I was again sleeping in my bed and I felt something touch my crotch.

    I felt for the thing and grabbed it. I opened my eyes and pulled the covers back and saw that it was a snake, the snake was using all of it’s strength to try to force its way into my vaginal opening, but I just held it and forced it away, I knew it was poisonous, but somehow that did not bother me. I was not afraid.

    In fact it seemed like it was a common occurrence. I was talking to someone but I don’t know who, I was telling them to be careful of the snake and to look out for others, because if it bit me or the other person we would die instantly. Then I woke up.

    1. It means you are strong and independent where you are not afraid of the dangers that a snake represents and were able to repel it from making you submit.

      1. I dreamed about small yellow male snake came out of the river to attacked me. I killed it completely, but it spirit went into the water and this time it returned with a small yellow female snake which were very confused and harmless.

        1. I dream that was in the car with my boyfriend. I w scared bc I had never been to this place before and I saw thi green snake with an black symbol on his head bu I couldn’t mke out the symbol my boyfriend said I will back that guy that lived at house owed him money but he never came out.I get out the car and as soon as the snake saw me started to chase me I am running through the woods screaming help help then my little sister comes out of no where and starts to beat the snake with an stick it bites her 2 or 3 time before I could rip his body apart I am screaming for help so I look up and there was an older couple watching this happen the woman hands her husband this blue snake with green spots on it and that’s when I woke up

      2. what does it mean when u dream a black one? Black snake and then inside a bag it was 3 snakes.And they were really super black! I put them there through the help of my husband,but then the smallest black snake went up,and wanted to attack me. But then i was not scared and still i tried my best to shut this little black snake off.But in my dream, it was so strong and would’nt want to be conquered, please help what does it mean? i ask for a sign from God the other day. but then i guess thats it. please please help. what does it mean. Thank you so much in Advance! Looking forward to your answer.Amanda!

      3. I had a dream that my father and I were in a swimming pool with a white snake. It was very friendly and we would pet it. We were not scared and commented that we could not bring the family because they would be freaked out. The color was very vivid, it almost glowed in the water. What does it mean?

        1. Have you ever been sexually abused? Snakes normally represent evil and bad thigs but the fact that it was white por trays the snake in a different way. In the dream no one in the family could know about this “snake”
          Which both you and your father kept hidden from everyone

    2. i dreamed last nite there was a yellow and white snake that kinda resembled the corral snake but yellow and white in block was in my house hiding,i found it and threw it out with like a magazine wrapped around it, it tried to come back towards my house then things kinda went blurry but i believe it didnt come back in..what is this?

    3. the dream indicates that your are strong in character but some thing wrong was going to happen.may be sexual intercourse with others ,do not do any sexual intercourse with others but only with husband after you are married..if not you will be punished…

    4. as long as the snake doesn’t bite you and you show no fear then you will be ok. Just don’t ignore the fact that it is there. Because if it can bite you, it will. it is a sneaky underhanded person trying to cause you harm.

      1. i had a dream that i was running and i had snakes hanging off my fore arm they had there fangs in so deep it felt so real i was fighting them off and was pulling them out of my arm

    5. Oh yeah, and the vaginal thing means that it is trying to find out some very intimate details about you like emotions and thoughts. Watch who you talk to and what you say. Don’t be too trusting of friends. One of them is this snake.

    6. Hi,

      I just had the most vivid dream I have ever had. I dreamt that a snake was living inside my stomach with its body outstretched and its head in my mouth. Every time I opened my mouth the snakes head would be there, just chilling. It was non-threatening and I wasn’t particularly bothered by it. However, I took a scissors and cut the snakes head off at which point the snakes body dropped into my stomach. I then wanted to go to the doctor to get the body removed, a friend (who I haven’t seen for years, and we were never that close anyways) helped me to find a doctor. Throughout the dream other people also had snakes in their mouths, and the snakes had different features i.e. an old man had an old snake. My snake was green and gold. A really weird dream by all accounts! I am not fond of snakes, they frighten me slightly and I rarely dream about them.

      1. Firs thing first, the snake is on the inside of you. This means it is a personal problem. You need to go get a full body check up. Be very careful who you are eating from. When you cut the head off you got rid of the danger. The body falling into your stomach means there is residue of whatever the problem is but it is no danger because on snakes if you killed the head the body must die.
        Secondly, it could mean you are doing things dirty and cunning and scheming to get rich quick. Because green represents growth and gold represents wealth. And seeing others the same way got you feeling like this is how it is. Then you cut the head off means you decided to make a change and your friend whom you have not seen in years is gonna assist in that change.

    7. now i am afraid from snake i am a 23 years old boy i have dream past a month ago that in front of my home a giant tornado and suddenly to angels were fighting each others in the sky………..some time later i see a beutifull girl but her sex orgin and mouth and fingers are snakes she bite me then i woke up……….i am now felling very depressed because of my love life my girlfriend done sex with other person she said that it was done by mistake i forgive her but i feel a strong presence of satan in my life plz pray for my girlfriend and for me i decided that whatever happend i will not leave her hand alone i will teach her bible and satan will fall at our feet and we will crush him plz pray for us thanks

      1. You must pray to the Archangel Michael! Pray every day the prayer ( you can google it). The Angel Micheal fought the battle against Satan and won. He will help.

    8. This is not a reply but also a snake dream question… I’m in a NDT class so I can’t explain it all in super detail.. A red tailed boa with a split double tail was protuding out of my girlfriend vagina!! I told her to take it out, she didn’t touch it but keagled it out… discusting!! The boa came out with one head… it immediately looked at me and tried to bite me… it didn’t.. I woke up and am afraid to draw it to see it again….. freaking weird… answers please!!

    9. The dream is telling you to be wary of contracting an STD that could be life threatening, or that you are being forced into a sexual relationship with a man with which you are not totally comfortable. Be careful and follow your intuition as this is a warning dream to take care of yourself. All the best.

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