Snake in Dreams

Snakes represent enemies and the things you fear in real life. When you dream about snakes, be more cautious in the waking hours. It is a foreboding feeling that a bad turn of events can happen suddenly as a snake would strike rapidly on its unsuspecting prey.

You will feel betrayal from people you least expect. Business deals can turn soar at any moment.

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427 thoughts on “Snake in Dreams”

  1. I had a very strange dream.. I was seeing a huge snake with 8 legs from a top of a building with some friends and some people were carrying into a garden..Another small snake was crying from another garden with a fence inbetween.

  2. In my dream I saw,that a church(in reality it exist) is my house.I have four puppies(in reality I own one puppy).My cousin visited my house with her mother,she was playin with my puppies along with me.Suddenly my mobile drops off inside a dry drain, and while I was about to pick that up a snake was sittin there.My cousin tried to kill two of my puppies by that snake.After lot of struggle i pulled back my cousin and beat her and took her inside the house(church). I beat her mother because she was interfearing.Everythin became normal when they left.

  3. I dreamt we rode over a big green snake in the mud with little water. It had its mouth on my vagina but it didn’t bite it. I remembered it flickering its tongue on my vagina. I had a friend with me that said if we can find food for it, we can redirect it off of me and it will release so that’s what it did. It finally let go of me. What does that mean?

    1. In my case also the snake went out from my vagina.
      I dreamed before already of so many snakes and it bitten me I don’t know really what does it mean 🙁

  4. This translation is very very true. I remember few significant dreams in my life. In this dream I was walking on a path.. there were small snakes and small skinny aggressive cats along the way. They tried to bite me and I would bite back. At the end of the path.. I ended up holding in my arms a huge fat snake. I was not afraid.. and the snake was not doing anything either.
    ** what happened in real life: I used to work in a restaurant. The management was messed up.. I don’t know if it changed.. something changed and started crumbling up. they used drugs. Stopped paying us, but started giving us paper I owe you’s. It was a total mess. we realized where this was heading. Out of that whole mess we tried to get our money back somehow. ** now the snake thing: suddenly I got sued or called to some kind of small claims place or workmans thing.. place by the restaurant.. as far as I know.. nobody else just me. Of course it was shocking.. and it was stress full.. I was so young. But.. I think nothing came of it in the end.. and that part I see as that snake in the end.. that was in my arms.. huuuge fat snake but was not doing anything, just sleeping. However.. I remember that being so stress full for me that I did google dream interpretation at the time so I remember it. I never had fear of snakes in real life.. I never had encounters with snakes in real life.. so for me to dream about it.. and for it to be so right in translation was really interesting. *** I would seriously take any dreams with snakes. Yes enemies.. out of the blue.. people will turn on you.. friends.. coworkers etc.

  5. I dreamed a snake bit my leg and everywhere I tried to run the snake was there biting me in a different place on my legs

  6. I dreamed about 2 black snacks. Each one was wrapped on a branch. They where not moving. I was trying not to moved, at that time I was scared, fear, confused. I would like to know what this dream is about. I had dream about snacks in the past but different colors.

  7. I had a dream where I was in a big open room and there were loads of different coloured baby snakes everywhere and some were very tiny and other were a little bigger. I was afraid somebody would tred on them and hurt them so I tried to capture them all and put them in a basket or container but I was also scared maybe they would bite me bcos I didnt know if they was poisionious. But I tried to capture them with my hands and also with a snake hook and everytime I was putting them in the basket they would crawl back out of the holes and I was running around trying to find something to put them in so they couldnt escape and be safe but evergthing I tried they would escape through the holes of the basket I was putting then in. I also remember picking up one big adult sized snake which was a pretty white snake and I was holding it and im sure it bit me however nothing happened. Then a big black or brown bear was chasing me so I climbed high onto things to get awat but it still tried to get me but then I think it stopped for some reason.

  8. The dream was very realistic, same setting of the room I was in, everything was the same. I lay trying to fall asleep and a sort of Hershey Cookies and cream type snake just slithers up alongside me in my bed with me. I was afraid at first but I lay still to scared to move. But it just sat there in my face just looking at me. Then I thought Hershey Cookies and Cream, must be that I’m hungry so I bit it but was afraid it was still alive so I took it out to examine it but continued to eat it but was still frightened by it. I eventually went to sleep calmly.

  9. Well, I don’t know where I was exactly all I know is the dream seemed so Realistic but creepy as hell. I laying on a table and somehow this long thick snake was shoved into my vagina alive very much alive ! And I am also alive I can feel it make it’s way out of my mouth and I catch it with my hands and clamp the mouth shut with like six sets of sharp teeth which is strange for a snake – multi colored with a white bottom to its mouth! I looked for analysis coming up with nonsense. Snakes are the devil, for healing, enemies, sexual frustration. I don’t know it’s just weird to me.

  10. My dream was about a snake being pulled out of my vagina in little snakes surrounding the outer edge of my vagina. What does this mean and the snake that was being pulled out was really long also the little snakes had there mouth’s open were there teeth looked really sharp even for baby snakes.

    1. I woke up remembering a dream I had where I found my grand daughter laying on the ground wrapped in a blanket and there was a piece of a small snake (the thickness of my finger) near her. I picked her up and noticed a red mark on her neck and her face was covered in a spotted rash. I quickly picked her up and went to take her to the hospital but then I woke up. Can you please tell me what this means?

      Thank You,
      Love ‘n’ light.

  11. I had a dream all I can remember is that i was in mu dads truck with him and we were driving down a back road close to where I used to live and there were people on dirt bikes behind us we went to cross a creek and hit a deer so we went to turn around and I saw the snake we backed up and turned and then I saw the snake again but its head was cutt off and moving on a rock

  12. Last night I had several dreams as usual. But my last dream was a little odd. I always dream with snakes such walking in a white forrest with snakes around the trees, seeing Cobra’s rising up from a pool and looking directly at me, huge snake heads in dark water fighting with each other and I was above them on a bridge, etc. Last night dream was different this time. I was at a park that had a lake and there was a man swimming in it asking me where were the kittens and I told him where they were at and I saw a head of the anaconda rising up to get him. It was really huge and I yelled “Stab it!” and I think he did because the giant snake screamed like that movie Anaconda when they burn her alive. And he threw the snake at me and it turned really small and I tried to choke it to death but a crocodile came out from that same lake and bit it and I basically took it with him.

    I found it so weird because of all the dreams I had, I was always afraid running away and I choked it with my own hands which is something I’ve never done in my dreams.
    What do you think it means?

  13. In my dream me and my aunt were playing and I saw a big anaconda then I tried to call someone for help then there’s a person who tried to chase the big anaconda and I saw a carabao running frightenly and the anaconda entered to the vagina of the carabao. what’s the meaning of this?

  14. Ive had two snake dreams the first one my husband and I were on a four wheeler going down a dirt path to church and we came upon all these snakes on the path one slithered up my leg I screamed and flung it off and then I woke up. The second dream was there was a snake in my living room and he kept trying to snap at me to bite me

  15. I dreamt i was myself in the dream. In warm climate as its cold now. No shirt on, and my back felt funny. I had looked back and saw a dark green snake coiled on my lower back while i was standing. I could not get it off, it wasnt biting or talking. And inwas able to get someones attention in a group not facing me in panic to take it off. And he did. No one i remember.

  16. Last night I dreamed that my husband was eaten alive by an enormous serpent that lived on the bottom of a lake. After the snake ate my husband and went back to the bottom of the lake I jumped in after it and swam to the bottom on the lake to cut him out of the snake. I cut open the snakes belly and drug him out. He was still alive once we got to the surface. Any feedback on this?

  17. I got a small snake from a surprise egg (like the kinder surprise) and put it on a container because my niece, Venice, wants to play with it together with the centipede I dreamt of, the snake is trying to flee, unfortunately, it succeeded, then I woke up.

  18. Dreamt that a snake put its tongue in my vagina then someone ( a lady, i could not see her face) pulled it out. What does it mean?

  19. Two snake were in some kind of container. One snake quickly killed the other. I thought the snake was dead so I took it out and it bite me on the right hand. I went to see people to show them the bite. Then I came back and saw a blood trail up the wall and snake gone. Then I was in a Round pool with a girl who said the snake was alive. I said I don’t want it near me so she put the snake on her head while swimming and I tipped her over because I told the girl to stay away from me with the snake but she would not listen. And then I jumped out of the pool quickly because I thought the snake might come after me.

  20. My dream was ” a neighbor or just a family have kept a ” snake with three heads sharing 1 body” as a pet. Any explanation please? Thanks

  21. I saw two snakes in the middle of night. The snakes were changing their colour. I was with my grand dad and uncle. I showed them and they didn’t see them at first but after a while they saw the snakes and it ended there.

  22. Had a dream my aunt which is my adopted mom pulled a snake out of me . It came out like I practically gave birth to it. I was running around yelling and crying that it was in my vagina and to get it out !! We set eggs on the floor so it would come out to eat the eggs . So I stood over the eggs waiting for it to come out . It was coming . I insisted that my aunt grab the head when it did ! Then I jumped back and the dream was over .

  23. I had a dream myself an two others were non violently kidnapped an held against our will we tried twice to escape but we were caught third time we got to the road me an one other unknown female an were confused which way to go so Said which way to my dads as we sprinted that way out of no were was a huge anaconda on the side of the road I saw cars passsing one of which was a police who opend an closed his door while in motion them I was awake… What could this mean….

  24. So for the past two months I have been having more dreams of battling fears of all kinds head on. One that was taboo to me was the concept of eating bugs or in particular snakes, they are just so foreign that it’s that division that makes me queasy. So in my dream I was with some people whom their faces I can’t recall now, but nonetheless I was fully there. There was a smaller but poisenous snake chilling in my mouth, his head wasn’t very big but he w as hissing, I was directed to open my throat and display the snake so I started oracyicing while the snake was in my mouth, only the head was visible. Afterwards while trying to open my throat more I realized the snake was no longer in my throat but in my stomach now, I started to freak out a tad, nothing too out of the map, then wanted to go to the hospital(didn’t get a chance to) so when I looked at the time the watch wS one that was simple and you could take Part and when I began to take it apart, there was a transparent coiled tube inside and I could see the snake inside this tube, the significance to connect with my stomach was that the tube was my digestive tract, and the snake was now in that digestive tract, it became erect and the tube became elongated. At which point I got frustrated because I thought it would damage my insides. What happened next was I tried contracting my inside to see if I could reshape my tract because the snake got hard, and began to flex. Then I woke up. This may have a humorous undertone but it’s not intended to be so. Could you tell me what this all has to do with what’s going on right now in life.

  25. I just woke up from a nightmare and google it and found this site. For my short background – In reality I’m always afraid of snake and I hate them, when I see a snake in real event I feel like my skin is crawling. Anyway, This one really freaked me out. So I dreamed that a black colored snake that looks like a cobra chasing me inside my living room. I was scared and running from it and no matter what I do, the snake won’t leave me alone and I’m the only one the snake wants chasing me even if my sister and brother were also in the living room. The snake flew and went directly inside my vagina and I got very scared but pulled the snake out and hold its head. The snake bit my thumb then I cut the head. I thought then it was over but another snake appeared but this time the color is kinda burgundy, the snake was outside the window and starred at me and I got really scared I tried to run but the snake flew from the window and went inside my vagina again. I pulled the snake out and this time it’s shorter than the first one. I hold the snake on its head and the snake bit my finger again, the snake turned color to mint green then I cut its head off. Then there was a probably 4 years old boy freezing outside and he’s very cold, I felt so bad and grabbed the boy to let him inside the house, unfortunately it was my sister who left him freeze outside so I cried and felt bad for the little boy and told my sister how could she left him outside when it’s very cold and wrapped him with a blanket and hugged the boy and carry him near to the fire place to keep him warm then I woke up. Please help me understand my dream.

  26. I had a dream i was sitting on a bench in some room and there was a brown snake his head seems like it stands out, clean looking. It stared at me and I’m just staring at him back though my feelings inside was a little scared but I didn’t show him I’m scared so we stared at each other. His eyes are yellow, it didn’t look so fiery but it stands out. Then it slowly moved away but I noticed his body was short and the tail splits into two. Then I thought there was another snake behind him but it seems cloudy. I woke up feeling overwhelmed but don’t know what it means, can you help? Thanks.

  27. So the parts of my dream I remember is that Im not sure why but I think I picked up the snake to take with Me but it kept trying to attack me but thinking I could tame it I kept it. For a while the snake was docile but I had a creeping suspicion that it was going to attack again and within seconds after being coiled uno safely in my pocket the snake darted out of my pocket, hissed at me an grabbed for my right wrist I grabbed it by its tail and tried pulling it off it ripped deep cuts into my wrist and kept trying attack me until I finally threw it out of the car window

  28. My dream of a small serpent snake. I was searching for Rich and hold onto a small snake as it writhed. I was holding onto the part just behind its head/jaw as it repeatedly tries to bite me. I could not find his house. I was told by a priest to let go. I gave the snake to a person, my sister I think, and it encircled her like a belt, it’s mouth bit down on its tail. I cried, begging for Rich, for comfort and woke up….

    Richard, a man I loved, just ended our relationship.

  29. I had a dream the other my dreams i was laying on my couch. As I laid there I saw a black snack come out of my kitchen. I wasn’t scared or nothing, I just watched as it moved across the floor as if it was looking for something. The snake moved around the whole house just looking around. Then all of a sudden I saw it catch a white mouse and ate it. Then it turned and looked at me..a second later it caught another white mouse and ate that one to. I remembered that I wasn’t scared but thinking where the heck where these mouses hidden at Anyway, after the snake was done eating it just keep looking at me, moving closer and closer to me. I watched it to see what it was going to do next. It just keep looking at me making Its way to me. I watched as it creeped up onto the couch where i was laying down. It moved all the way on me where it rested it’s head between my shoulder and neck. Thats when I jumped and woke up.

    What does this mean???

  30. I dreamt that I was lying in an operation theater (more like a post mortem is done to me ). I could see my abdomen is wide open. And a person is trying to stuff a huge live python inside me. While his stitching up my abdomen I was asking him my concerns about would the snake eat up my organs. I don’t remember him answering that but he said I must smuggle the snake out of the country. I woke up as soon I could feel the snake moving in my dreams. What does that really mean?

  31. I had a dream about a snake. In my dream I sat down reluctantly with others to eat a take-away meal of fish & chips. I was reluctant because in real life I’m eating healthily and following weight watchers! I sat looking at this enormous plate of fat drenched food and suddenly be an to see that coiled/interlaced within the food was a snakes tail and body, camouflaged in with the battered fish & chips. I shouted to everyone there’s a snake in my food and instantly moved from the table frightened. Another person came to deal with the snake and the next image I saw was the snake suspended in the air like a spring looking at me as though time was stood still. It’s colours where orange, cream brown variegated. Then I was aware that it had been removed from the building. ….. What does this dream mean?!

  32. I had the strangest dream about a long thin snake, it was red and black in colour (which is unusual for me to notice colour in such detail) and as I was holding it I didn’t have it close enough to the head and it kept turning back to strike me, I didn’t know if it had actually got me and I was really scared of it. The dream moved on into an Armageddon like situation where were were all living on a make shift wooden town with black wood walkways where people were struggling to survive. I was in a shop where there were watches and I stole one which didn’t seem wrong. very strange, its left me with an unsettled feeling all day. Has anyone else had a dream like this?

  33. I had a dream my boyfriend and I were in a canal trying to get away from a copperhead that was swimming along the bank after us. He kept pulling my hand saying we have to swim but I didn’t want to love further into the water. He said not to worry and we will be okay. I remner reluctantly starting to go with him before I woke up. Not sure of the meaning.