AIDS in Dreams

Dreaming of AIDS represents a lack of trust and nagging insecurities about your intimate partner’s sexual history. At this point after the AIDS dream, the best recommended next steps is to get tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) to protect yourself and partners.

It also means you may have been overly promiscuous and not careful when engaging in sexual activities.

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5 thoughts on “AIDS in Dreams”

  1. Dreams are rarely literal they’re mostly symbolic dreaming of aids could mean you feel isolated or misunderstood there’s many many interpretations feel like a social leper dont fit in not accepted? It really depends on the person themselves.

  2. week before I read a status of aids and the next day came to my mind but didn’t take it seriously and two days after my little sis dream that I’ve had AIDS and my son did money from his grand mom, I dont understand

  3. I had a dream I have changed alot recently and have been pushing people away, I recently had sex with a girl who one person joked bout getting tested but non of my friends who gucked her has anything.. I dreamed that I had a girl who had aids and said I was going to kill my self walk on top of a bridge and my 2 old friends where like don’t kill yourself!!!!!!!! What happend to the John who use to hug my little sister and smile laugh and be happy, true story I did true story I’ve thought about killing my self… Does this mean true I got aids:(