Losing Virginity in Dreams

Losing Virginity is a life changing event for most people. It can be seen as the transition into adulthood, or a passionate connection you share with someone you care about. If you’re losing your virginity in a dream, it can correlate to the idea of a need for someone you care about. It may be time for you to take the next step and become physically connected with your significant other.

If not about sexual relations, it can be concerned with guilt. Many cultures see losing ones virginity, before marriage as a sign of shame and guilt. Maybe you did something you aren’t proud of, or you’re changing, and you’re losing a part of yourself that you can never get back. It can relate to you sexually, or to you emotionally. Sexually, being that you have feelings for some one, and the time to take it a step further is entering your mind. Or emotionally and that you feel like you’ve lost who you are.

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36 thoughts on “Losing Virginity in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt about “losing my virginity” this morning. There were two guys hunting me, and the owner of a random store told me to hide in his bathroom and lock the door. i eventually forgot to lock the door and he got pretty mad, but i told him i was willing to do anything for him to keep me safe. imagine what happened after that…
    see, i’m a muslim homosexual and have no plans of ever having sex, but the guy looked sorta familiar and was definitely super hot so naturally, it felt pretty good even though it was just a dream. and as that wasn’t the ‘ideal’ way for me to lose my virginity (if i could), i still got kinda turned on but mostly confused.

  2. I’m 18 and virgin and I don’t want to loose my virginity to some random guy! In my dreams I saw that I made love with the guy I love and he was just like the type of guy I want. I don’t remember his face but for sure I don’t know him. In my dream, I also got worried about getting pregnant after the love making and after that I got another weird dream which I don’t remember

  3. I dreamed about this person I used to like and we became good friends I stopped having romantic feelings towards this person but in my dream I kissed him then he kissed me back and from there I wanted to fully give my self to him. In the dream we are in a current life scenario what I mean by this is that we are both 17 and virgins. He held me with such carefulness and warmth and everything felt so right . And in the dream I didn’t feel nervous maybe a little akward but it felt right . I was very surprised to see the person I have no longer romantic feelings for to be in such a dream .

  4. I had a dream that I lost my virginity to someone that I don’t know . I met him in Florida and I used to travel alot to see him we was both virgins and in vivid details I just saw everything how I lost my virginity and I loved it and i Love him and he got another girl pregnant but he still loved me . And it was so wiard because in most dream I forget everything but this dream I am just stuck with it and I know how he looks everything

  5. I’m a 18 year old virgin. Last night I had a dream that I almost lost my virginity to this guy I use to kind of talk to. I’ve known this guy for about 10 years. I can’t remember exactly where we we’re coming from in my dream but we we’re running to his house at night time and it seemed like maybe we came from prom or a wedding. When we finally got to his place it was like really weird like this lady was outside his apartment door and she was telling him how to unlock his door so then we made out and then I started giving him oral and it was another girl there who was also trying to give him oral but he put her out.. The lady who was outside his door was inside and she was just like in the kitchen so then like 5mins or so pass and I came on my cycle so I was thinking like what am I gonna do now so then his friends came in and they we’re like its cops trying to get in the building so I was trying to get dressed and leave but then his friends started to try and take pics of me so the guy who I almost lost my virginity to in the dream was trying to put his friends out so then I came up with the idea to act like the guys tried to kidnap me so that way I could protect the guy who I was about to lose my virginity to… Very weird dream.. That’s all I remember

  6. I’m a 15 year old virgin. Last night I had a dream where I met two guys, guy number 1 was quite cute (was actually someone from YouTube, but not in the dream) and guy number 2 was really sexy and a bit of a bad boy (someone I’ve never seen before) both of them were like 18/19, and they were both into me. I ended up giving my virginity to guy number 2 (who was definitely not a virgin) and it wasn’t exactly romantic as it happened on a chair but I really enjoyed it and it still felt quite special. Then I looked down at my underwear and they were covered in blood so I said ‘oh no, have I started my period?’ And guy number 2 informed me that the blood was just from me having sex for the first time. Then we were all walking down the street and I started flirting with guy number 1 and I suggested us all having a threesome and they both agreed. So then the next day guy number 1 and I went to the area that guy number 2 lives in and we saw him walking and talking with some girl and I got bit upset about it but I didn’t say anything. Anyways, we did not have a threesome and instead we went to a party where we played some game and then guy number 2 and I ended up having an intense makeout session. Eventually we noticed everyone going outside so we followed and the police were there and we all had to sit down together to be interviewed I think. Guy number 2 and I sat next to eachother and he whispered to me something like “what am I going to say if they ask about me and you? Like, an 18 year old having sex with a 16 year old?” and I corrected him, saying “a 15 year old.” So I started panicking a bit because I didn’t want him to get in trouble and I started thinking of different ways to avoid the police finding out. And that’s all I remember:/

  7. I’m 16 and I had a dream I lost my virginity to my ex. We didn’t have a messy breakup but we don’t talk in real life. The dream and the experience weren’t awkward though and we were both into it. There wasn’t any vivid imagery but i knew I was losing my virginity. After we were done I didn’t feel bad or shameful, but I did wonder if I should’ve waited to lose it with the guy I will actually love.

  8. I’m a 13 year old girl and I had a dream where I was in an amusement park and I had sex with a random guy in a patch of grass and lost my virginity. It felt amazing so I decided to have a three way with two other guys. After that I masturbated to other people having sex right on front of them. I later went with my mom and little sister and a Ferris wheel broke and landed on front of us. I witnessed a bunch of people dying and thought my little sister would be scarred for life but then I woke up and realized it was a dream. Was the Ferris wheel a sign or just random? Also I did oral on a guy.

  9. I’m a 13 year old girl and I had a dream where I was in an amusement park and I had sex with a random guy in a patch of grass and lost my virginity. It felt amazing so I decided to have a three way with two other guys. After that I masturbated to other people having sex right on front of them. I later went with my mom and little sister and a Ferris wheel broke and landed on front of us. I witnessed a bunch of people dying and thought my little sister would be scarred for life but then I woke up and realized it was a dream. Was the Ferris wheel a sign or just random? Also I don’t have a guy in my life it was just random.

  10. I’m 13, I had a dream that Jc Caylen (lmao) was at my house and I was kinda leading him on and being flirty, then then he took my hand and shushed me ( there was like a party at my house but no one was in the living room) he walked me over to the couch and we ended up have cowgirl style sex on the couch lmao. I uh, felt it sorta I guess and it felt good xD but I was like older in the dream I wasn’t my short self. And it was like a tingling sensation after? And I was just so happy that I lost my virginity to Jc, I used to have the hugest crush on him but like i don’t know.

  11. I had this dream when me and my best friend (we both like each other but are waiting to date cause he is switching schools) went to this weird amusement park place and it was indoors for some reason and then the scene suddenly shifted to this hotel tree house place where asked if I was ready to have sex which was strange cause he never liked talking about that stuff let alone doing it I said yes in the dream and it was painful when he slid in me he barely even went inside me but the dream was over then What does this mean????

  12. I had a dream that I lost my virginity. I had gone to a party that night and there was this hot guy there. He kept staring at me. Next thing I know we’re in his room and he’s on the bed and in just standing by the end of the bed naked. I couldn’t believe I had just had sex with him so I panicked, leaving without even getting my clothes all I had was this towel around me and as I step outside the house I remember I had left my clothes. But I couldn’t go back in the house with just a towel around me. So I went to my cousins house and asked her if I could borrow some clothes and then my other cousin (guy) was like “so how was it?” I was like “what are you talking about?” He’s like “your not a virgin no more.” I didn’t know what to say so I just stood there waiting for my cousin to hand me some clothes. I felt so weird just thinking about it. I tried to convince myself that, that hadn’t happened but then I remembered it did. What does this mean?

  13. I’m 10 and had a dream about losing my virginity on a vacation to some random old dude. I woke up in the middle of this dream and was like, “What the hell???!!” I have no idea what this means.

  14. I had a dream of loosing my virginity.
    It’s true that I’ve lost someone in my life whom I used to care about.
    We’re not that together anymore.
    And I had the dream with a guy who was happened to be my husband or something in that dream. But I didn’t want to have sex with him. But I was supposed to do it coz he meant to be my life partner or something.
    But after seeing I loosing it, I was shocked and cried hard. Couldn’t figure out what happened or what to do. I was just regretting that moment.

  15. I had a dream when i almost lost my virginity but stopped and left the chick what does that mean?cant seem to find the meaning and im not interested in the woman.i had other sex dream bombing but this is different.

  16. i dreamt that I almost lost my virginity to a guy that I used to talk to. I really cared about him, but things ended on bad terms. In the dream, I pulled him aside and told him I wanted to have sex. We went into a bedroom that I’d never been in and I kept leavin for weird reason. I felt super confident in the situation and at peace with my decision to be with him, despite the shit we went through. wtf does this mean. im an 18 year old girl btw.

  17. I had a dream that I lost my virginity but I felt bad about it then suddenly I want my virginity back the way it was before, I was crying so hard in my dream that I should’ve used my mind and be smart, I shouldn’t let my temptation get over me and choose a wrong decision that I’ll surely regret forever.

  18. Short one. I had a dream asking a random woman, brunette light like me, for a hug, genuinely and sincerely. Then She kissed me, and my dream escalated to dirty business, explosive pulling out orgasm, missionary style. Then she told me her first words, “I’m a virgin”. Then i woke up. It was unlike anything i had been told before. It was so real, but im butt chin ugly so it makes sense it was a dream lmao. I cant remember meeting a virgin my entire life. Tf if it even matters. A part of me thinks it does. I wish i traded my card for someone elses, but its too late. I dont remember meeting any virgins. I felt love is not enough. Before waking, i felt immense need and desire to care for the stranger, but many ifs remain. It gave me a feeling i havent felt in any relationship in regards to the amount of responsibility i felt. I felt releif waking without traces of commitment, but its so nostalgic to me. Best nut i had ever virtually busted.

  19. I’m a 16 year old girl and dreamt that I lost my virginity to a boy I know but don’t find them physically/emotionally attractive at all. I was in an unfamiliar place and there was more than a few people in the same room doing the same thing which resulted in an orgy, one of the girls there was a close family friend but the rest were strangers. The strange thing is that in my dream, I was willing to give consent. Then I got home and my mom had read my diary but only to find that I only participated in oral sex, I didn’t tell her that I had lost my virginity so I confessed to doing what she already knew. She got really upset with me and starting crying, she disowned me then forced me to start paying her if I still wanted to live at home. Which in real life she would never do, she is the coolest mom. What does this all mean?

  20. I’m a 14 year old girl and last night i had a dream that i lost my virginity to my boyfriend it was pretty slow and intimate but when we were finished i was in pain down there but i was really excited about losing my virginity but really scared i felt like a part of me was gone.I am a virgin in real life.

  21. I’m 14 and recently I’ve been having dreams about losing my virginity. The thing is every person I lose my virginity to is a girl no guys just girls. I’m very confused what does it mean?

  22. I’m a 19 year old girl. My next door neighbor’s son is 21 years old, he flirts alot with me and his sister told me he likes me. I’ve been getting a lot of dreams of him. Us talking, connecting… Until one night in my dream he kissed me and I liked it. Since then I’ve begun to have a thing for him. But last night I dreamt i lost my virginity to him. The part that I remember the most was him looking regretful… And woke up feeling so hurt… Like what does mean?!

  23. Hey I’m a 16 year old girl and last night I Had a dream that I lost my virginity and it didn’t even hurt ( for most people I heard it does) and we were having sex in many positions but I couldn’t really feel anything lmaoo I also can’t remember who it was, I don’t know if I knew him, what does this mean?

  24. Hey I’m a 16 year old girl and last night I Had a dream that I lost my virginity and it didn’t even hurt ( for most people I heard it does) and we were having sex in many positions but I couldn’t really feel anything lmaoo what does this mean?

  25. I’m 14 and I dreamed I lost my virginity with my boyfriend… We went oral then well.. Not-oral. We were all happy, nothing rapey… I kinda wished it was real life

  26. sometimes i have these sex dreams but this one is way different.i l’ost my verginity to a guy that I don’t know him he was so sweet and the sex felt good and gentle. I’m 21 and in my coulture sex before marriage is forbidden but that’s not the only thing that happened after a while I got pregnant and everyone know about it I didn’t feel ashamed at all but I told him that we need to get married and I hurried to start doing the arrangements but somehow I ended up giving birth before time and the dream ended. I’m sooooo confused could someone give me an explanation. thanks

  27. Im ashamed to say i am a 20 years old virgin. I can’t sleep at night fear of dreaming about a mystery women. I have a girl but we not ready for sex yet relationship is still fresh. I dont know what to do anymore.

  28. i had a dream last night about losing my virginity to smeone other than my boyftiend..we were stading up against a fence already starting when people from the house accross saw us.he jumped back n was so ashamed but i didnt even turn around to see the people who had caught us..wat does this all mean?

    1. I had a dream last night where I lost my virginity to a boy I just met. In my dream I liked this boy and we did it in a bath tub. I was the one putting on the moves but he went along with it. The sex was gentle and felt good? The next day in my dream he asked me to marry him. I am a virgin in real life and when I woke up I enjoyed this dream. I am 17 and do not have a significant other.

  29. Well, I normally wouldn’t ask about a dream I have. But this dream was like no other. I’m 14 and I’m still a virgin. Though I can say I’ve had sex dreams before and they all were not always me in the sex act. But this dream I had this morning was different. I don’t have all the details some of it is vag but I do remember most parts. So it starts like this- It’s summer. I’m with my parents and we are some what rich. We go to this country club and my parents friends have two children around my age. In this I’m about 16 or 17 and I meet their son. He’s no one I know in reality but I do find him 2 luk familar in my dream but don’t know who. He’s cute and not my race but we like eachother. We go to playing a bit in the woods next 2 da country club. We have our school uniforms on and smile at another. Then it goes blank and I return 2 my room. Him and I are alone in my house but we know my mom will be home soon. So he’s looking around and out of no where I come into my room with a sexy nightgown on. Instantly we begin to slowly begin to have sex. And it’s all clear to me (don’t want to be specific about da sex acts), but what makes it so real is the emotions I feel. How it’s so gentle, slow, calm, and how he kindly is patient and talks me through it. He’s not demanding but willing to make this experience easy for me. I feel this overwhelm of pleasure and love for him. That I want this 2 be enjoyable for him too. But he’s some what distant. Not as needy as I would think. He’s happy but not connected like I want him 2 be. This is all I have but really I want to know what does this means and why am I emotionally attacted to this? Thank you!

  30. A few nights ago, I lost my virginity in my dream. It was strange because there were these people with familiar faces (however, I KNEW they weren’t people I know) persistently telling me that I must lose it. HAD to lose it.
    I could not have sex though…I wouldn’t. Woke full of confusion, and a bit distraught.
    I am twenty now, and still a virgin, obviously..
    What is with this dream?

  31. I am a virgin in my mid 20s. I have had sex dreams before, but this is the first one I’ve had where I dream I’m losing my virginity. All the other dreams of this nature it feels like I’ve done it before and have tended to be rough. Also, this dream not only has me losing my virginity, but the sex is gentle, the guy (someone I know) is kind, gentle, slow, talks me through it. It’s not as vivid as some of the other sex dreams I’ve had but emotionally I end up feeling better about the act of sex and the loss of my virginity than I tend to feel about it in real life.

  32. I woke up to a strange dream this morning. First off, I am a virgin. I don’t remember everything from the dream, it all kinda blurred. All I can remember from the “beginning” is that we (this guy and me) were in a canoe. We estimated wrong how much force and direction we needed to go and ended up landing in a river, splash and all. We got out and went to the edge of the river. There was another canoe, dark mahogany, with oars by it on the ground. They were placed like on display. The next thing I remember is climbing. The attitude between us was weird. I think he was wondering why I was being a bit bitchy/curt. We were at the top, my back against this wall, rock. I think we were talking about sex before it happened? I’m not sure, it might’ve been after. All our clothes were still on, except what had to be out of the way to have sex, of course. I remember him talking about how he didn’t want that openness and so other things. When he was saying this, I felt like everything was spinning, I was spinning. I grabbed the rock behind me. It didn’t hold, falling away from the entire rock I was leaning on, crumbling in my hands. It was an odd globe-ish shape, the rock I was leaning on. And for a second that I was spinning, it looked like a globe. I remember sensations and then him saying things. I felt stupidly idealist and rejected, embarrassed and regretful. I remember looking down and asking if we could stop. He agreed to. Somehow we were tied together and high up. I had to pull down the tie that connected us to get him to pull out. That was unsafe unless he held onto me. I tried to get it down, but he was holding on to the tie, too. He wouldn’t let go. I kept struggling with it, but he wouldn’t let go! I remember two people at the bottom saying how he wouldn’t let go of me. Tears were wetting my lashes, but I wasn’t crying yet. We were on the ground, later, away from where we were before. I remember hugging him tightly and shaking. He said that that’s why it shouldn’t have happened and some other things. I don’t remember his face. I just know that I was older and he was older than me. He felt comforting but distant. He was warm.

  33. I’m still a virgin but I had this weird dream were I lost my virginity. I didn’t feel nervous or complicated at all, it was like I had done it before and just went for it. I also had a threesome, with two guys who I feel attracted to and vice versa in real life. It almost felt like I was dominating them.
    I’m very curious since I knew I was losing my virginity to these guys but didn’t really care about it.
    What does it mean?

  34. Im only a young teenager but i woke up from a very weird sex dream this morning. My dream was about me loosing my virginity to Morgan Freeman. I dont feel ashamed or awkward but i feel kind of wierd for having a dream about a celebrity so much older than myself! What does this dream mean?