Transsexual in Dreams

Dreaming of a transsexual means you are experiencing sexual gender issues that borderlines as a female mind trapped in a male body or a male mind trapped in a female body. To correct the confusion, you are contemplating surgery and hormone injections to give you the correct parts allowing you to be who you are supposed to be.

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10 thoughts on “Transsexual in Dreams”

  1. I disagree. I do not want to be a girl. I watch a lot of mtf porn and I am very attracted to certain types of she males/Yransexuals.
    My dream was me trying to fuck a transexual who (in my dream) seemed to be my girlfriend. I wanted to fuck her so bad she was walking around in public with see through clothes on. I was so excited that she was with me.
    I felt like the man.
    The only thing that was off was that I like Black mtf…. She was mixed (Brazilian). I did not care what anyone thought. I am so turned on right now. (Not just sexually but mentally). I wanted to wife her.

  2. I actually had a dream of myself as a boy (I am a girl) wantimg to transition into a female. In the dream my mom supported this idea, yet my dad was reluctant to the point I feared his presence.

  3. Salaam, I had a dream. Im walking along a road with shops and these shops have windows normally for adverts. However im walking past these shop windows and I see men with there penis out jerking but also some windows have a trans women with a penis but sucking on their own penis, this freaks me out in the dream and im disgusted like how the hell did I end up here or am I alone has I dont want to be seen here by someone I know, what dose this mean

  4. Hi,
    I had a dream last night and it was me meeting this girl who seemed very familiar in my dream, like I had dreamed of her before. We were driving around in her truck, snd some things happened.
    Later on we we arrived at this place and she had this drug in a syringe that she put in a cloth over my face and once I inhaled it I started having multiple waves of orgasms and was unable to maintain any control of myself. She started having sex with me but when she took off her pants, she had a dick.

    I currently don’t use any drugs, and I am straight. What do you think the meaning of this is?

    1. Sal-Om (I pay salutations to the divinity within you), If you are willing to accept it, unless you have homosexual thoughts deeply rooted into your subconscious (But you say you are straight so I take your word), it means you found your soul mate or a just a girl you always known, but she is like the man in the relationship instead of you; you have (had) no control but she does (did).

    2. My interpretation: You have the desire to be more sexually fulfilled but do not know how to reach that level and would like for someone who you feel comfortable with to help you figure out what to do about it. I get the feeling that you may be a shy person and don’t know how to ask so in your dream, a familiar/comfortable friend was able to free yourself from your own inhibitions. It being female to help you reach orgasm doesn’t mean you’re homosexual, you just probably confided in females easier than males.

  5. Hey, so I am a girl within my dream I was feeling very aroused and i started masturbating, except when i took my pants off i found I had a penis (i didn’t have any female genitalia, only a penis) and I still kept masturbating as if it was normal. My voice was still the same and my boobs were still there, however i just had a penis.

    In reality and I have had transexual thoughts of myself being guy and having male genitalia, but kind of left it aside. I’m just wondering what does this dream mean for me..

    1. Sal-Om (I pay salutations to the divinity within you), If you are willing to accept it, you answered your own dream, “… I have had transsexual thoughts…” Your subconscious brought this up so that you may overcome this. One way to overcome it is to look at great women in history and their qualities of compassion, love, etc. Indeed, women are equal with men but that doesn’t mean they are the same (they have different roles). other exercises such as graceful tandava can help as well, if God wills

  6. I had a dream last night that seemed so real that it took me a minute after waking up to realize it was just a dream. In my dream my lover – a man – had just gotten breast implants. I then asked him if he had been with a man and he said he was starting to experiment. In reality – he has never shown any signs at all that he was anything but straight. For some reason I can’t get this dream off my mind and would like to understand the meaning of it if there is one.

    1. Hi, your dream is simple. In the deep sections of our mind is where we interpret things through our intuition. These intuitive feels are relayed to us through our dreams, in relation to reoccurring dreams of coarse. I believe this man could possibly harbour homosexual desires even unbeknownst to him. It is impory to sit him down and let him know how you are feeling and reassure him it will be ok.