Rat in Dreams

Dreaming of rats is a process of developing survival skills and street smarts. You will earn the reputation of being sneaky and untrustworthy. To be labeled a rat, serious trouble will follow as no one is on your side. Start rethinking of how to manage the negative image, and success will follow.

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216 thoughts on “Rat in Dreams”

  1. I saw 2 big fat rodents, in the middle of my room. Usually I am afraid of rats but in my dream I wasn’t afraid. Even when they tried to attack me, instead I feared and made them run away

  2. Dreamed there was a fat brown mouse in my house wasn’t to scared of me but was trying to get out of my room, I remember bf coming down hall to open door scaring the mouse and it ended up jumping in my bed towards me.? Then I woke up around 3 ish. But I am 28 weeks pregnant and have some weird dreams lately

  3. Dreamed of a brown mouse pass in front of me then a male friend’s face popped up at me smiling then the same rat passed in front of me again..my heart began racing and Then awoke .. This was at 2 A.M..

  4. My boyfriend dreamt of two human like rats, one was white with red eyes and bigger than the other, the second was a blueish color. The blue one threatened him and my boyfriend tried to kill him but in the end he did not kill him. He says i told him not to worry about him. The white one did not try to hurt him in any way and wasn’t sensed as bad at all. He says they both walked as humans and followed him everywhere.

  5. I dreamt that a huge black rat pushed itself under my internal door, rather like a cat and I could just see its rather large tail, it woke me as it felt so real

  6. Dream there were dozens of rats down on tracks as I stood on the train platform. Then the rats began trying to pull me down as I struggle to stay on top. My strength was over bearing and I pulled out of my dream and woke up.

  7. I had a dream that there were thousands of bsby rats every where, they where clinging to me underneath my sweatshirt all over my back snuggled up in groups. I couldn’t shake them then I fibally got them out

  8. I dreamed a rat run by my dog behind it I got up go the dog to drop it then The big rat just sat in by door while open didn’t move I pushed with broom nothing just sat there I tried 3 times then it turn looked at me ran bk in

  9. I have dreamed last night of taking care a rat on my hand then when the rat fall asleep i tried to place it on swing but suddenly the rat falls down and i saw eating by the dog. so i haven’t done anything but to let the dog eat the rat, what does it mean?
    then next dream same night is my ex-boy friend, nothing more only saw him on my dream?

  10. I had a dream that I was walking and as I came to a complete stop I stood in front of someone holding a big fat grey rat wit a long pinkish tail. The rat was the size of a cat. In my dream I was not afraid and the rat did not appear to be harmful and the ray was clean. The rat was just bigger than usual in my dream. There was no communication in my dream and the person holding the rat was not visible but I knew the person. The person holding the rat was a man. His face and body was not visible only his hands and he was wearing a gold watch and a gold ring while holding the rat with both his hands. I woke up from the dream to think about what I just dreamt. It was unusual because I never dreamt of a rat that size before. I fell back asleep and had the same dream again the same exact way so I jumped up and began to search the meaning because now I’m concerned. In real life I’m afraid of rats but in my dream I was not afraid of this big sized rat which would probably equate to 10-15 average sized rats. Please interpret this dream for me thank you.

  11. i had a dream of this big rat that doesn’t always appear during the day, that lives in hole.(okete). When i saw it during the day and i was surprised and i went after it, to kill it. While following it Another bigger one replaced it and i cant that one again bt still Going after it until i was wake to pray.

  12. I dreamt of an old lady relative appearing small like a rat. Soon she was naked on the bed having penis. With her other hand she was fondling a black rat in her mouth

  13. In my dream a brown grayish rat crawled on me up by my shoulder and I tried removing it unsuccessfully twice until finally was successful the third time throwing it to the floor and then I woke up. What is the meaning of this dream

  14. Hi, I got the dream that a rat bit my one year old daughter on her mouth (lip), when I had left her with my mother for a while in some public place. And somehow that rat died ( looks like it got crushed accidentally by my daughter, as she was amused and playing with it). I hurriedly took her to washroom n cleaned her mouth. My daughter seemed fine at the end of the dream.

  15. I was getting ready for an interview, but my dress started unraveling at the seams, so I needed my mom to sew it. Suddenly I was in my old house when I was 18, walking to the back room to wake my mom up to fix my dress. She got the dress, sat on the ground, surrounded by piles of material and we heard this girl (who I don’t like and isn’t in my life ever) screaming in the closet. She ran out and so did a fat grey mouse. My daughter who is almost 3 in real life, was herself at 1 years old in a purple coat with blue ribbons in her hair, she chased the rat to play with it, but I was scared and wanted it gone. I grabbed it, but it stared me in the eyes and lightly scratched me,but the glare in it’s eyes was a warning that if I didn’t let it go it would scratch harder. So I tossed it down next to the door, trying to get the door open. The rat barely got outside, it’s tail still winding behind as I was trying to close the door, when my daughter stepped outside so I couldn’t close the door. She grabbed it before I could stop her and she bit it! I woke up gasping and almost screamed to stop her, but realized it was a dream. Of course she was sleeping soundly. Now I can’t sleep and am worried bc every animal dream I’ve had this year has manifested truth regarding it’s meaning. There is so much to that dream, and possibilities. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I’VE NEVER DREAMT OF A MOUSE BEFORE.

  16. I dreamed that I was laying down on a bed and I looked at the ceiling and there was one black rat crawling. It didn’t jumped or attacked me. It was just walking on the ceiling.

  17. I had a dream of a light colored rat. I was in bed an the rat was coming out of my closet right infront of my bed I was so scared I woke up out of my sleep. Next night I dream of same rat again but it was bigger an I was in the bathroom while it came from cabinet well I have. Cat an he was in my dream too but this time when I screamed with fright my cat Jumped on it an started shaking I ran out didn’t see if it was killed but I’m pretty sure my cat killed it .. Really want to know meaning behind these to dreams

  18. My sister told me that she dream about me seeing a rat and I held it on both hands. Then when she saw it again, it turned into a white small rat… Then nothings goes with it… I kinda search for meaning of seeing a rat in a dream and now I am more confused. Please help. I am wondering lately with the meaning of her dream.

  19. I had a dream where I saw a white rat or mouse in the company of my family in the store room of the house. It hid first & later fell to the ground. I tried to kill it by chasing it down with a stick and finally did so but its head got separated from its body and both parts fell in the hole leading to the sewers. Felt sorry though! Whats the significance?

  20. I had a dream that I was looking through the net behind a window in my house and at a metal gate that leads to another part of my house four fat rats were eating another rat. Three of the four rats were black and ugly, and the one being eaten was also black and ugly but the fourth rat was white and brown, like a mouse or a hamster and it was very clean but it was fat like the others and eating the rat with them. I am not sure what this dream means.

  21. Dreamed I was mid way through a pregnancy and a rat started to eat my stomach. Was scared at first and scared that the baby would be hurt. Then I relaxed and felt so free and wounderful as the the rat ate around the baby and just ate my stomach.

  22. I had a dream of a gray rat with red eyes sitting on my couch eating something in a cup. At first I thought it was a cat. it was just looking at me and eating. Then I picked it up and it started to lick my neck I got scared because I thought it was going to bite me. So I threw it. I woke up after throwing it looking to see where it had went but, it was gone.

  23. I dreampt of baby rats falling on our ceiling one by one. I tried to get rid of the baby rats but my brother stopped me because he said the rats are there before us(stayed in our house before we stayed) so we kept it as a pet storing those we caught in the cage of our dog. I saw our dog struggling and i saw small bites in our dog entire body and after seeing that i wanted to save our dog and free it out of the small cage but i woke up already. What is the interpretation of this?

  24. I had dreamed that going out with my office friends walking along very dark lane. i was scared walking on the lane and calling my supervisor whos walking in front of me. Out of sudden a huge rat came and attacked my left hand with its big tooth. My other friends who saw the attack started to pull the rats tail till it let my hand go. then i pull my hand out from its mouth, all my fingers were bleeding.

    Please help me to explain my dream. I really dont get it. Im so worried after dreaming this.

  25. I had a dream A gray rat was in my kitchen laying in a round pan with a bite on his side. He began to swell up I thought it was pregnant so I kept turning away from it. Someone walked in my house, then blood came out the rats mouth and then he shrink back to normal size. Can you please help me to its meaning.


  26. I had a dream today where there was 2 big black rats i got on top of a chair and my sister in law kicked one. We ran outside and there all of a sudden there was more rats. One of them in particular a white one wanted to bite me but I ran up the stairs. Closed the door and woke up..

  27. I had a dream i heard a rat squeaking and running but never saw it i climbed up on countertop but relatives who I’m close to saw it chased it killed it and slung it outside

  28. I had a dream I was watching tv and a bunch of rats ran from under the tv out of control then two huge lions came and killed them all and walked away as if they where protectors

  29. I dreamed a rat was biting my grandson right hand as he laid on the floor for some reason I laid not far away from him but yet I was paralysed and could not help him I cried out for my boyfriend to help who was laying a couple feet away and that how I woke up screaming out for help

  30. In my dream I was constantly trying to prevent a rat from entering my house. I would always intercept it on the balcony of my house by grabbing its mouth (and in the process of doing that it would bite me a little) and tossing it off the balcony. I would think it was dead, but each time it would just return, lunging at me. It was a very irritating dream!

  31. I dreamed about the rat. While me and my husband was eating inside our bedroom we suddenly smell something bad and we do the smelling just to locate where is that bad smell located.and finally we found it under our bed.there’s a lot of rats and there all dead.what does it means?

  32. I had a dream last night that my cat brought me a giant injured rat, which I thought was dead. In waking life she normally brings me dead or severely injured animals which I end up burying. I got some paper towel to pick up this giant rat which was almost the size of a cat as well and its face was swelled and very intimidating. Before I picked it up it suddenly came back to life and began struggling and then fully regained its life. Then the rat began making a home out of the garage and I felt stressed because I no longer felt I had the courage to pick it up to get rid of it. So I made a plan that involved no contact with the rat to remove it from the garage. After I successfully tricked the rat into leaving the garage through the side door, I went outside to be with my father and his best friend. Almost instantly the rat found me and began chasing me and an impressive pace. Finally, I decided I didn’t care if the rat was chasing me because I had gotten it out of the house, so what more damage could it have done? Suddenly I felt a clawing happen at my feet and looked down and saw the giant rat clawing at my ankles and trying to climb up my legs to stare at me in the eyes is what I thought it was trying to do. I panicked, screamed in my dream and completely freaked it and did this weird jump up dance, but I couldn’t shake him off. What does this mean? If I’m being honest, after writing this, I can kind of see how there is a specific issue in my life that could be the rat and my reactions in the dream are pretty similar to how I’ve handled my situation, but now I am completely confused on which course of action to take next. What is my subconscious telling me I must do? What does this dream mean?

  33. My dream was back on my first condo, I was talking on the phone with my husbands assistant when a rat crawled into my couch then I screamed so loud I scared her away! It was a very big and extra fat gray rat but wasnt ugly, she was kind of fluffy and adorable, I kust screamed causeshe scared me so abruptly but I aost wished she would ve stayed and I could pet her. Woke up right after

  34. Hello,

    I had a strange dream about my seeing a slim black medium sized or slightly under a medium size but definitely not a small sized, rat. The black rat was crawling around in the hallway til it reached the outside of my bedroom door and when I approached it to capture or kill it, I don’t exactly remember my intentions on what I wanted to do to this rat, the rat started rapidly crawling ON and UP my bedroom door like a spider or some other nasty insect that have sticky legs that allow them to walk up things like walls and doors. I didn’t capture or kill this rat, but just before I could do anything to this rat I just remember watching it scurry up my bedroom door before waking up from the dream. What does this dream mean?

  35. I dreamt that my mother told me her boyfriend was cheating on her with a younger woman when we were in a bridal shop half full with black wedding dresses she was holding something she recently called me saying she’d lost, then stepping outside I tried to cheer her up by taking her into a chocolatiers to look at alternative wedding cake designs on the way in I noticed my boyfriend in a jewellers with a girl who bullied me in school, they were trying on crowns, when I attempted to confront him he wouldn’t let me in the shop but held up a cheap looking silver ring with cheap tiny blue flowers on it and asked me how I felt about it but then slammed the door in my face before I could reply, when he came out we were walking past where my primary school used to be and he asked if the site used to be a factory which irritated me as I told him hundred s of times about it then he turned into a huge hairless rat when I asked him about what was in the jewellers bag he was wearing the crown he was wearing in jewellers and a cheap lycra red Cape, he then started complaining he was going to be late for work and I told him I eould go in later at 2pm even though it was dark and a bat gave me a dirty bloody sponge then my boyfriend changed back to human and complained about hating a guy I had kissed three years before I met my boyfriend then I asked why he though he was going be late for work when we were going back to mine then his head turned into a laughing rats then I saw the pippestrielle bat again flying towards the full moon.

    1. no rats were made that way. believe me i’ve had more rats then I want cause they mated a lot. try to keep her separated cause stress can cause early labor and if she has the babies around other rats they will most likely eat the babies unless they aren’t interested when the babies are 2 weeks old they will be adorable. when they are feeding on the mom its so cute and funny when she gets up and they dangle there while feeding. Was this answer helpful for your dream?

  36. I dreamt that we saw a big white rat. I’m so scared of rats and mice all my life. But nobody wants to kill it. I keep screaming kill it. I stabbed it once with a long knife near the heart, it was still alive. So I stabbed it again making sure the knife goes through, it was still alive, so I stabbed it the third time, it was still alive but not moving or fighting. All those time I was stabbing it, it wasn’t fighting. Then I felt something on my left finger. I looked and a white mouse was stuck there biting me. I opened its mouth then stabbed it. This mouse was really attacking me but I killed it. After that I looked at the White rat but it’s gone, and even the white mouse is gone. Then I felt a pain again on left hand and another white mouse was trying to bite my posting finger off. I removed it’s mouth from my finger, seeing a lot of teeth, then killed it. Then it’s gone again. Then I felt another pain so real it woke me up. I can’t sleep because I was so scared of rodents. When I went back to bed, my dream continued. It was one after the other. No black rodents. What does that mean?

  37. I always dream about animals and have very detailed dreams but this is the first rat dream. I was being chased by someone who was trying to hurt me and I was tuning away, found a garage to hide in and a grey rat that was there eating dog food was by my knee trying to reach the extra food. So it climbs on me and crawled to my neck and then crawled to the shelf with the food. I run out and don’t get bitten or caught by the bad guy. Very weird but detailed. I usually dream of sharks and snakes but never a rat. I heard it could mean disease and get a check up? Please any comments would be appreciated.

  38. I had a dream that rats snuck into the room I was in, I was on the bed, I think it may have been my bedroom. They cam it and weren’t scared. One black rat came up to me and jumped up on its hind legs and bit me. It hurt so bad I felt the sensation when I woke up. I shook it off but there was no blood, as far as I can remember just the imprint of human teeth. Then I scared them away. Can someone help me figure out what this means?

  39. I had a dream of a big grey rat trying to bite my leg I stuck my finger in it`s mouth and it could not bite and tried to get away then something I thought was a mouse nibbled on my nipple and ran away. I was not sure if it was my finger that was stuck in the rats mouth or someone else Just before this dream I dreamt of talking dogs.

  40. I had a dream I was in a car driving somewhere away from my house, to a neighbors/friends house. They had a rat with an oversized head, it had the aspect of a human? It was horrible. At the end of the dream I killed it in 3 pieces, but for some reason when it was killed i didn’t see the transformation of the head going back to its regular size. I’m very puzzled right now, I just woke up and m clueless as to what this means.

  41. I had a dream that I was sleeping on my bed with my brothers n sisters, when a friend of mine came to visit us and my friend came with a cousin of mine. my friend came into the room where we were sleeping and starting kissing me so i woke up. i then went into the restroom to use it and while i was urinating i seen a rat and it bit my right hand, while i was screeming my dad who is deceased came in to rescue me and thats when i woke up. what does this mean?

  42. I know this is long and rambling, but please year the whole thing. I know all symbols in dreams must be looked at to get a full understanding of the message. Im worried this may be a sign of a health issue. I would appreciate any opinions/ facts. Thank you.

    Last night I dreamt I was preparing to dye my hair. I looked at the bottle and realized it was blonde and not the burgundy color I wanted. I decide to test it on a small patch of hair. As I run my fingers through it giant clumps come off in my hands. I try styling it to hide the bald spots, but nothing works as it is tangled resembling a rats nest and the color keeps changing. I yell for my sister and husband, but only my sister comes to help. She shows me her psoriasis ridden scalp. I look in the mirror and my scalp is bleeding. It looks as if it has been chewed on. I look toward the shower curtain, as I have been in the bathroom this entire time, because it is rustling. I see a HUGE rat clinging to it, and a smaller cinnamon and cream colored mouse climbing it right below the rat. The rat frightens me, but not the mouse and I start screaming. My sister grabs a tennis racket and beats the rat to death, but injures the small mouse. This is when my husband shows up and asks whats going on. I start to feel bad about the small mouse this is when I wake up.