Cheating Partner in Dream

If you catch your partner cheating in a dream, it can mean one of several things. Maybe your mind or physical being has seen your partner and caught them in an act, but is suppressing it, for the sake of not upsetting yourself. This is very common because people usually try to repress memories in hope that if your mind doesn’t allow it to exist, you really will believe that it doesn’t exist.

It can also represent the lack of trust you have in your partner. Maybe you’re afraid that they will, or that they are cheating so your mind creates a scenario where you can satisfy your accusations and satisfy your lack of trust in your partner.

Another possibility may be that you’re in a bad relationship, and you’re looking for a way to get out of it, your looking for a reason or a tangible accusation for you to get out of a relationship.

Either way, it’s only a dream, and if your partner didn’t cheat on you in the “real world’ then it shouldn’t be of much concern, but the idea of a cheating partner should raise the question of how you view your relationship with them.

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393 thoughts on “Cheating Partner in Dream”

  1. I dream that my gf is marring with somebody else and i am going to attend that marriage party but afraid of that That her father will see me and thinking that am i invited or not

  2. I always dream about my Boyfriend cheating on me.! And I don’t know what to do.! And I don’t know what is all about that dream.But he told me In real
    Life that He Loves me he will never leave me or cheat on me etc. But why I’m almost dreaming about he always cheating on me leaving me and then one time I dream about he sex to another woman.I feel Broken everytime I woke up and thinking about that dream makes me feel Crazy all the time.

  3. I am having persistent dreams about my loyal partner of two years, not necessarily cheating but emotionally hurting me in all manners. It is persistent and happens every night. I’ve no idea where they are coming from. I’ve no worries of him being unfaithful and being in university I am surprised my subconscious isn’t focusing on that… Weird.

  4. I had a increbilly vivid and realistic dream that my boyfriend cheated on me. In the dream it is set in the future when me and boyfriend are ready to seriously settle down, and we had just bought our first house together in San Francisco. Neither one of us has been to San Francisco so I have no idea why my dream picked that location since we live in Texas. In my dream we are moving because my boyfriend has been offered a once in a lifetime career opportunity in the fitness industry (he currently is a personal trainer) and I decide to follow him even though I will have to start over. I can’t remember why, but we begin fighting and out of anger he deletes all pictures of us together on social media and we both don’t want to be around the other. The next day I seek him out in my dream because my anger has passed and he tells me he has decided to go back to college (he finished 2 years and left), and that he slept with another woman the night of our fight out of anger and she is pregnant with a full term baby (which defies the typical 2-3 days is takes for conception to occur, & the 9 months to carry a baby full term). When I hear this news I collapse and cry and scream uncontrollably in the parking lot and I feel a deep pain that wakes me up. How should I interpret this?

  5. Lately it’s been a little weird. I’ve become anxious and on my toes when my best friend is around my boyfriend. Now I recently had a dream where I had gone to my best friends house and it was just us two, and in the dream I turned to look away from her and when I looked back she was laying with my boyfriend. Her head by his feet and his by her feet both looking at me. I asked them what was going on and he replied with an “idk” smiling as if nothing was wrong. I need this dream interpreted, what does this mean?

  6. Hi,

    I’ve had a dream a few times and would love to get some insight. I keep having dreams of an ex partner, who I haven’t been with for well over a year now. In the dream we meet again through mutual friends, and are going on a journey or weekend away (as a big group) and prior to this, I have found out that they cheated on me (i never find this out in the dream, just seem to already know).

    Anyway things are all fine until we spend time with each other with only one other person present where I get extremely angry because I say I know what happened and they just confirm it but don’t give any sort of explaination or show any remorse.

    I’m now in another, very happy relationship, and have never had my current partner feature in these dreams. However I wake from them feeling very angry and resentful towards my ex, even though I’ve never found our in real life that they cheated.

    I’d love for someone to shed some light onto the meaning as I wake feeling tense and confused, I’m happy with my new partner and don’t have any contact with my ex but this recurring dream just won’t stop!!

    Many thanks!

  7. I dreamt that it walked into a house that my fiancé and I were living in(didn’t know the house), and he was upstairs on our bed with a beautiful dark haired petite prostitute with large breasts and he could have cared less if I knew she was there. She didn’t care either and was bragging that he hAd been playing her songs on the guitar and he was walking her to her car still without regard to me and she was so happy and then fell into her convertible where her dress flew up and he saw her gorgeous naked bottom and then he jumped in behind her kissing and laughing with her and fondling her breasts. I was crying and saying I needed to call my mom and he just didn’t care about me or my feelings about what he was doing w this stranger who he was clearly intimate with besides the fact that he was paying her for sex. It was like he liked saving her.